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10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
Shipping from HKShipping from Hong KongFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
10 % off for Santander 1.2.3 account owners when you take car insurance from them.

Just renewed mine elsewhere I know it’s postcode lottery but 3ltr v6 Mercedes £300 fc blah blah so guess you should of shopped around


Link didn’t work for me, found it here Protected NCD, legal expenses cover etc all extras. Came out expensive for me


For me it comes slightly cheaper with their discount that my current provider... £650/year before discount for a 3.2 cdi mercedes... I think that's not a bad price at all tbh...


More expensive than anybody else-so very cold deal

Santander Everyday Credit Card  27 months 0% apr and NO balance transfer fee! This is still over two years. Get the headline rate only.
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up to… Read more

Yeh, once the account is opened can do the balance transfers online (or over the phone-probably).


I don't have my current balance transfer card with me today, does anyone know if i can apply then add the card details in if i am accepted? Thanks


Been accepted. Thanks for posting this op!


I just got refused with a experian score of 999 and I have no balance on Any other credit card I have.


Is it bad for my credit rating if i tranfer a balance from another interest free credit card which has 10 months to run?

Free four year 16-25 railcard by opening student bank account even if it’s not the bank of choice - @ Santander
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
I haven’t actually done it but according to if you open a Santander student account you get a free 4 year railcard. You can of course stay with the bank but if i… Read more
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I am with HSBC at the moment, going into my second year, the terms are you have to change current accounts? I just want the railcard and don’t want to change current account to Santander tbh


You don’t get free travel only 1/3 off as discount


As an international student who has just landed in the Uk and would be doing a 1 year course, what’s the best bank account right now in terms of no fees, and benefits etc


I already posted this (y) (y)



Free 24 hour Boris Bike (santander bike) hire LONDON + MILTON KEYNES
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Happy #CycleToWorkDay! 🚴 To celebrate, we’re giving free 24-hour Santander Cycle access to all. (party) Simply enter the code CTWD2018 via the Santander Cycles app or a… Read more

I believe MK held the world record for the highest annual % of damaged/stolen bikes in similar schemes until Manchester eclipsed it within about 2 days of their scheme starting. The Chinese who tried running the scheme in Manchester clearly had no concept of the concept of how the combination of Northern oiks and plenty of canals in close proximity coupled with what is basically an honesty system was likely to turn out. (skeptical)


that Boris bloke has always been clueless, esp when to jump!


If you're cycling more than 30 minutes on these, you're doing it wrong.


Checked 3 places in MK. None available.


Naming Boris to it, so cold for me.

Free 4 Year 18-25 Railcard with a Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Get a 4 year 18-25 railcard free with Santander Student Bank Account. This is a decent bank account anyway (3%interest on balances up to £2000 and free overdrafts up to £1500) real… Read more

Hi - anyone know what the application process is for a mature student, can it be completed entirely online?


Thanks - but the santander student account also requires the course to be 2 years minimum - the course is a year :( and its at CAS - London.


I’d go for the Santander Student account. No fees, good interest on any credit balances and free overdraft. Best of all you get the railcard to save third off rail fares. Which uni are you at? Good luck anyway (y)I’d go for the Santander Student account. No fees, good interest on any credit balances and free overdraft. Best of all you get the railcard to save third off rail fares. Which uni are you at? Good luck anyway (y)


As an international student who has just landed in the Uk and would be doing a 1 year course, what’s the best bank account right now in terms of no fees, and benefits etc


I don’t know you would have to look at the small print. Worth keeping anyway if you have a credit balance to earn interest on. Also good free overdraft facility.

Volvo V40 T2 Momentum Nav Plus Manual 18 month lease £249 per month £249 up front no admin fee 10k miles @ Santander consumer finance (123 World customers only)
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
I know lease deals are like marmite on here but didn't seem a bad deal on the face of it. Let the games commence. The example monthly rental is based on 10,000 miles per annum an… Read more

Wow 30k a year will definitely be hard to find. It was cheaper for me to pay the excess mileage than to change mine to the 15k pa that I need though.


Good effort. I need 30k a year and full maintenance on a business lease so the right deal is harder to come by. With the car sitting so low it could definitely do with an upgrade from the 19" alloys mine has.


The bursting blue was the only one they could source. It also had 20 inch rims and a reverse camera. In the end I only paid £500 more for those extras.


Mine is Osmium grey but same spec. This is the best colour but it was even more expensive on top of metallic paint.


I went from a C220 cdi to the V90. trust me, it's much nicer and doesn't look dull!

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Santander - Everyday Credit Card 0% for 27 months on balance transfers with no balance transfer fee
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up t… Read more

Not aware of a limit as long as each one is £100 or more and you can't use more than 95% of your credit limit.


Don't think it does


Any limit on the number of balance transfers you can do ? eg 12+ per year (one a month)


Sounds like it


Does this one do a money tranfer into your bank account?

Santander All-in-One credit card 30 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers, no BT fee, 0.5% cashback
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
If you’re looking for a decent all-round credit card with cashback, check out the All-in-one card from Santander. It offers: 0% on balance transfers for 30 months 0% on purch… Read more
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Crap deal. Wonder if writergirl got all the other mods to vote hot. Anyone else who posted this it would be stone cold


Another factor to consider is that if you pay the minimum each month then put the equivalent of the balance into a saving account(s) you also are getting interest that offsets the £3 fee. Good deal as long as you are disciplined and prepared to put the effort in.


I have around 3000 pounds how can I transfer to a card like 30 months balance transfer


Yeah saw that part after, agree that other cards would offer better value in terms of rewards


The card costs £3 in fees per month, so over 30 months of the 0% offer, thats 30 x £3 = £90

Santander Everyday credit card: 0% on balance transfers for 27 months, zero BT fee
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Hey… this is a decent deal for anyone who wants to transfer an existing credit card balance but not pay a fee for doing so. The Santander Everyday credit card is offering: 0%… Read more
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Info from the front screen after clicking Get Deal Transfer balances from other cards with no balance transfer fee With the Everyday Credit Card you’ll get: 0% on balance transfers for 27 months from date of account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% on purchases for 3 months from date of account opening No monthly fee Retailer Offers – get five welcome cashback offers ranging from 5% to 25% at a range of well-known major retailers once you switch on Retailer Offers via Online or Mobile Banking


Don’t they have a monthly fee?


It’s an excellent credit card.

10% cashback at Iceland with Santander 123 account. Check your app
Found 28th MayFound 28th May
Just noticed this in the app. Combine with Iceland bonus card to get a better deal. By max £30 reward, they’re saying up to a £300 shop so quite decent. I’ve been buying their sea … Read more

Never been to Iceland :-) but i have the offer to make use of


Not bad though, if you can combine with the £2 off £10 that Waitrose have just sent out.


I got Waitrose too - super annoying as I spend way more in Iceland!


Yes, as it’s cashback on a general spend.


Can I use it to purchase baby formula milk. It's never discounted

Morrisons 15% cashback via Santander account
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Not for everyone, If you have a Santander current account. Morrisons 15% cash back when you spend on your debit card Maximum cash back £15, not bad on a £100 spend ! Could be a… Read more
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Does anyone know if this is the max £15 cash back for the duration of the offer or is this the max per shopping transaction ?


Buy a £100 amazon voucher when you are near a Morrisons, spend at your leisure with a 15% discount


I have got this from Halifax. Useless as there is no store around nor do they deliver to my post code.


I never get any decent offers... 15% off car rental... I don't drive...


If you turn on the 'Retailer Offers', option in your Santander account, to find out what is on offer to you (in my case it was only Harvester and Waitrose), you may find it impossible to turn back off, I'm getting a javasript:void(0); error, which means it is permanently on, thanks for that Santander

10% off Amazon Prime Now with Santander 123 account
LocalLocalFound 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Option to redeem deal through online banking Amazon Prime NowEarn 10% Cashback on your next purchase with Amazon Prime Now, maximum reward £35. Offer expires 31/05/2018 and is va… Read more
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Prime Now is regional, so entirely possible this offer is only available to Santander 123 customers who's home address matches a Prime Now area?


Well that's not bad, I've got Five Guys, Miller & Carter and Giraffe (!) Who the hell are these companies?


sadly giff gaff first utility & waitrose only on mine :-(


I have the offer


Not in my offers either. Q Park is one of mine too and I don’t drive

0% Credit Card Balance Transfer + 0% interest fees @ Santander over 27 months
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Seems like a good offer to me with 0% balance transfer. In summary:- * Pay 0% interest fees for 27 months. * Pay £000.00 balance transfer fees. Good way to repay a current credi… Read more

Sorry to hear this. I'm not sure this would impact your credit score as you applied for a credit card and were successful. I don't think they analyse the BT level you requested, but I may well be wrong. Have you called them to discuss your limit being so low? They might be able to explain how they came to that figure and discuss any options now or in the future to increase it. My card arrived in just under a week and I can now see the extra BT that I submitted during the application showing on the Santander balance, but no sign of it on the account it's coming from. I'm not too worried about that now having seen the exact same behaviour on the BT that processed quicker by doing it after the application (didn't need to wait for card activation for that one!).


Unfortunately this deal has not worked out great for myself. I see the irony here given I am the OP! In summary:- 1. Am not an existing or previous customer of Santander. 2. Applied for a Credit Card via this deal, with a BT of £8000. 3. Everything got processed reasonably quickly, everything in post, setup online account etc easily enough. 4. So all good except I only got allocated a £800 limit. There was no automatic BT for the info I gave, and I am not able to do the £8000 BT I wish to do as of course now as it states I only have a £800 limit. Yet knowing all this, they just went ahead and processed it all and now I have an extra credit card I don't want. It will have presumably messed up my credit score and reduced my ability to get another credit card with another bank. If I had knew this would be the outcome I would never have taken out the card. Surely I should have been given the option to have not gotten this far into it, if they had just informed me you can't do the desired BT or get the desire credit on their card.


Thanks. The second transfer I made outside of the application like yours is now reflected on both accounts. The transfer requested during the application appears to have done nothing so far, so would seem that one really does wait until you activate the card. Seems odd they have that rule, but allow the transfers to go ahead via online banking.


Card is on the way in the post, not arrived yet so not activated either. I had one like this with Tesco, applied, accepted, card showed in online account and I did a BT straight away. When the card arrived I put it in a drawer and then tried to do another BT online and it wouldn't let me because the card had not been activated!


Cheers - have you actually had the new card and activated it in the mean time, or do you think that'd a red herring?

10% cash back at Morrison's using santander credit or debit card
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
10% cash back at Morrison's using santander credit or debit card
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The cashback definitely doesn't work with Santander & Waitrose - they have systems in place to prevent this, you'll only get the cashback on your banana


only first utility & giffgaff on mine but worth a look - :-(



Yes and cashback at the till. It's usually given on your total spend. I take the £50 full amount out everything. Walk over the road and pay it back into the bank.


Worth buying a single banana at Waitrose taking £50 cashback at the till and your bank gives you a £5 for the hassle. If you're passing!

Santander Everyday Credit Card 0% balance transfers 27 months, no BT fee
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
This is a cracking deal from Santander in the current market of decreasing 0% periods and slowly rising fees. The Everyday credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for 27 m… Read more
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I have a 99% Experian credit score and was turned down for the HSBC card, although they are never guaranteed.


I prefer not to risk it unless it’s 80% or more, as a rejection would make it even harder to get another card. I have a 100% chance of getting the 24 months virgin money at 0% and no fee so gonna go for that one I think.


it's definitely not that good a guide for everybody I think they have plenty of previous people who were told they only had a 20-30% chance of acceptance but were accepted fine or who had an 80% chance of acceptance but were turned down


I’ve only got 50% chance of getting this one and only 20% of getting the HSBC one but I have a quite a good credit rating according to MSE :/


took halifax and sainsburys but declined on this one :o

25% CashBack at Costa via Santander Retailer Offers
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
If you have Retailer Offers on your Santander cards this is a good one. Possibly customer specific so apologies if you can't see it in your offers. Earn 25% Cashback on your next … Read more
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Agreed. There is far too much work involved for my liking too :)


Shame not on mine, although 25% cashback on Q Park You have to turn offers on in online banking and actually look for them which can be annoying


I never receive any retailer offers from Santander. I think I've had one in the last year and that was for First Utility Energy. Absolute rubbish


Not on mine sadly


I never receive any retailer offers from Santander. I think I've had one in the last year and that was for First Utility Energy. Absolute garbage.

Giffgaff £5 top up reward with Santander
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Santander are giving a £5 reward (twice) if you use one of their cards to top up your Giffgaff sim with £10. You just need to go into Santander My Offers through their app or websi… Read more
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Same with halifax.


can you use giffgaff to buy psn/android credit?


not showing for me either


Not showing here


Same offer is on Lloyds accounts

Santander two-year fixed mortgage at 1.09%, max LTV 75%, £1,499 fee
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
In the market for a cheap two-year fix? Santander has this deal for you: Two-year fix at 1.09% Max LTV 75% £1,499 fee Online exclusive This deal is an “online exclusive”.… Read more
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This seems to have been removed. Two-year fix at 1.29% with 75% LTV and £1499 product fee only available now.


They get commission from the lender so be wary that they aren't pushing a deal that benefits them more than you. L&C advised my wife (then girlfriend) to take a crappy Northern rock 5yr fixed rate of 4% in 2011 (right when interest rates were at an historic all time low) We tried them again two years ago when we were remortgaging just to cover as many bases as possible and I was able to find better deals than they came back with. Including simply remortgaging with our current provider.


Are these rates visible anywhere? I went through the app process to get an AIP but it still hasn't shown me the available rates anywhere, don't really want to do the full app with hard credit search without seeing the rate.


Why is everyone worrying about Brexit? Scaremongering. Once we get rid of those pesky foreigners and those remoaners either get behind Brexit or move to their beloved EU then we'll be great once again.... We'll be so rich we won't even need to borrow money for a mortage</sarcasm> Seriously though, with Brexit hanging over us, I am very concerned about the housing market and the cost of borrowing going forward.


I'm going for the 10 year 2.49% HSBC mortgage. Unsure about whether rates will stay low for a long time due to Brexit but figured that I don't mind paying £1100 a month instead of £1000 a month to have certainty for a decade.

Santander 1.79% 5 year fixed rate mortgage no fees 60% LTV
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
The £999 fee has been removed again so a great 5 year option imo
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My initial online application for 1.79% without fees was declined due to a very silly mistake on the application by me. I followed up the application with Santander on the phone over a couple of weeks to rectify and reinstate the application. They have honoured the original 1.79% no fees deal. I also asked about the £225 fees and I can confirm that they will be charging this as an administration fee.


All Santander mortgages have this fee, it's their 'Account fee', as opposed to a 'Product fee'. You pay it when you pay off the mortgage, or if you leave Santander. It's BS, obviously, but that's banks for you!


Just had my offer through and it says £225 fees but stated no fees I don’t get it


Yes its expired, you just missed it unfortunately


Has this expired? At 1.79%, the fee is now showing?????? We are remortgaging way below the 60% LTD, so should be eligible?

Santander All in One credit card – 30 months 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers, no BT fee, 0.5% cashback, retailer cashback, £3/month fee (avoidable)
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Santander has revamped its All in One Credit Card Mastercard, making it a possibly unbeatable deal for an all-round credit card. The new improved All in One card offers: 0% on … Read more
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True, it's £3000 a year minimum spend (giving £15 cashback by the way) but the Santander requires £600 a month just to cover the fee, which makes a £7,200 minimum yearly spend only to break even. Also with the AMEX, there are thresholds; below £5000, it's 0.5% cashback and over £5000, it's 1%. So, spend £7200 on the Santander - net profit zero. Spend the same on the AMEX, net profit £47! .. No contest!! Not sure about your other point. My current card is chip and pin - no contactless - and doesn't expire until next year. Maybe they'll give me a contactless one then.


You have to spend a min of £3000 a year for cashback with AMEX classic card (no annual fee). Bit of a con IMO. Also there is no option to have a chip and pin card so if you are not a fan of contactless you will have to look elsewhere.Santander offer a free revert to a chip and pin card if requested.


Aqua will generally lower your interest rate and up your credit limit depending on how you conduct your account ....


They've stopped giving credit cards to beer and have started giving them to dead people.


£660 PM for £3 back (shock)