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Santander is one of the UK’s largest banking chains, offering financial services to millions of British customers. They offer help with everything from savings accounts and mortgages to money exchange and business loans. Santander also offer plenty of promotional deals and all of the most recent can be found on their HotUKDeals listings. Read more

All Santander Deals, Discounts & Sales for July 2020

Santander Everyday Credit Card - Balance Transfers – 18mths 0%, no fee (18.9% interest after)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I'm on the lookout for a balance transfer credit card since my current deal ends next month (shock) All the best deals on HUKD seem to have expired :( I did post an MBNA deal … Read more
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just to double check I am reading this right, those good ol days are gone now, right? 5% interest on 10k sounds incredible & I'd jump on that in a heartbeat if it was possible today


It's otherwise actually in good old days, having ~10000 on these cards used to pay your energy bill (5% interest on 10K) !generation!


Old news iam afraid. Has been MSE best BT card for over a year now


Applied for this couple months ago - very quick and easy. Managed to get a decent credit limit also In the day of low interest rates don't think it's such a bad idea to have managed debt but as always make sure it's managed

Free 24 Hour Use of Santander Bikes for NHS Workers
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Free 24 hour access to Santander bikes for NHS workers with the code: THANKSNHS This seems a great deal so hope this comes in handy!
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Unable to create account with the useless App.


Nice deal, but please be aware handlebars and other surfaces may not be clean. Wash your hands regularly, don't touch your face, etc.


From their website it states: Free 24-hour access for NHS workersWe're giving free 24-hour access to Santander Cycles for NHS workers, including all journeys under 30 minutes. Contact your NHS comms team for more information.


How do I claim this?


What about all of the key workers?

Santander 5 year fixed mortgage 1.44% & £649 booking fee - 60% LTV - inc free valuation & legal fees @ Santander
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Spotted that Santander have added a 5 year fixed mortgage of 1.44% with 60% LTV and £649 booking fee, 5bps lower than the previous offer. This is specifically for remortgages and o… Read more

As I was anticipating, Nationwide have now lowered their rates, if not too late you should take another look. For my borrowing amount (180k mortgage 25 years remaining) it now looks best for me to go for the 2 year fee free 1.44% (providing interests rate don't shoot up after 2 years). The 5 year rate is now 1.34% + £999 fee.


Denmark has seen negative rates mortgages for an year now. But you are right the government might chose to have some other form of negative rates. For e.g. help to buy is a form of negative rate where consumers are incentivised to buy property. The only difference is negative mortgage rates incentivise the consumer directly without middleman like the construction company. But in UK since most policy makers are also shareholders of house builders they tend to follow policies to their advantage.


Yeah - And there is precisely ZERO chance that lenders will pass that onto retail consumers - BoE will offer -ve (short term) rates to the wholesale market... i.e. Banks


If we weren't looking to move in the next couple of years I'd be going for this.


Agree when I took the fixed 1.99 for 5 years there was no fee now it’s hard to get a no fee mortgage

Santander 5 year fixed mortgage 1.49% & £649 booking fee - 60% LTV - inc free valuation (& legal fees paid for remortgaging) @ Santander
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Santander 5 year fixed mortgage 1.49% & £649 booking fee - 60% LTV - inc free valuation (& legal fees paid for remortgaging) @ Santander
Santander have a 5 year fixed mortgage of 1.49% with 60% LTV and have reduced their booking fee to £649 (previously £999). If you are remortgaging then also includes free valuation… Read more

Thanks for the great offers everyone, mines up for renewal Jan 2021 , when's the best time to look. Owe around 40 thousand on a 200 thousand house, what type of deal is best regarding with or without a fee. Many thanks in advance


Forget getting a broker when you have HUKD!


Try Cahoot.


Anyone know we’re I can get a good personal loan from I wanting to do my full home for improvements around 20k


Yes, I had an existing mortgage with them and was within 4 months of end of deal.

Santander no fee, 18mths 0% interest free balance transfer card
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
If the FCAs 3 month repayment holiday doesn’t stretch far enough for your finances this card may help to see you through. Remember to keep up with minimum repayments. This Santan… Read more

Cheers OP, my current CC 0% period is coming to an end so this has come at a good time.


You have a credit limit assigned based on a number of factors, including your credit score. You can then transfer balances from other cards up to but not exceeding the amount of your credit limit. There is no ideal time to transfer as it is entirely dependent on your circumstances but beware that lenders can cancel or change balance transfer offers at anytime.


I think this would be a very good plan because a 10% interest rate on a loan seems extortionate given the current BoE base rate.


Theoretically I don’t see why not but I would advise that you check that with Santander.


Software development. As businesses either move fully online or ramp up their current online offerings we are having a field day. The real money is in the toilet roll business though ;)

0% on balance transfers for 18 months - no BT fee @ Santander
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
0% on balance transfers for 18 months - no BT fee @ Santander
Worth a reminder, given there has been a reduction of 0% balance transfer deals with no fees. You can get a 0% on balance transfers for 18 months with no balance transfer fee. You … Read more

Seriously? You've given them Friday and some portion of Thursday. Given that and the current climate I'd patiently wait to hear back. Fingers crossed for you it gets approved.


Santander are way too slow. Placed my order on 2nd and still haven't heard if I've been accepted or rejected


Have a look on their app. I always have these offers available but don’t know if it’s account specific


I applied thinking the application itself was the soft search! I only realised when it said we will let you know in 2 days time if you have been successful, at which point I thought this doesnt sound like a soft search :D. Thanks OP, hopefully I'm accepted. Application was very straight forward and easy, only got asked how many credit cards & total monthly cost for these, along with any loans, and finally how much mortgage / rent I pay.


Yes it’s specific. I’m looking to borrow the money to top up my mortgage by 10% to save on the interest

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Santander Coronavirus financial relief guidelines - Up to £350 interest free overdraft, mortgage holidays and waiving of late payment fees!
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Santander Coronavirus financial relief guidelines - Up to £350 interest free overdraft, mortgage holidays and waiving of late payment fees!
I am a 123 personal banking customer and was emailed this today! So thought I would share with everyone! Mortgage payments: If you are worried about making your mortgage payments… Read more
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Your interest rate won't change, but the amount you pay will go up as you will owe more for longer. So yes, you're right, the bank will end up making more money out of this. can overpay as soon as possible once/if this has all blown over. I just deferred for three months with Santander and the online application actually tells you what your increased payments will be when they start again. So go in with your eyes wide open.


Not the interest but they'll re-jig your monthly payment to make up for the missed months. It's a short term gain long term loss I'd say. Ultimately you'll give them the same amount at the end of the term. No benefit to a mortgage holiday unless you genuinely need the money for food and essentials.


worth taking the mortgage holiday even If you don't need to? we still have 25 years left on our mortgage


Thanks! Let me know please!


JP i am literally 7 months away from remortgaging. I’m worried all these cheap rates will be pulled. I’ve already missed out on HSBC’s .74% tracker. Barclays have a 1.18% tracker with £200 cashback and a £35 fee. I’m lucky to fall in the 60%LTV but if house prices fall then it will push this back up over this limit again. Any ideas? Are mortgages offered 6 months to take them up from the application date or from when they offer you the mortgage. Thinking of applying now.

Santander 2 year fixed Initial rate 1.15% Product fee: £1499
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Was comparing mortgages and the current deal on the Santander 2-year fixed for 60% is fantastic! Initial rate 1.15% Product fee: £1499 Remember the product fee seems high, but be… Read more

Or you gift it to your kids and make them remortgage :D and make them give you the cash


They abolished the second state pension ... ... this is a stealth tax that started 4 years ago and increases slowly over time ... If you pay in all your life you are going to lose out .. regardless of your age... My forecast was a full pension + an extra £50pw ... given that estimate I reckon I'll be down at least £70pw at pension age .... You have to work out what you will get compared to what you would have got for yourself ... don't believe the figures .. theres going to be increasingly more poor pensioners ...


What did they do in 2016 to create a defecit time bomb?


You sell it (and usually downsize) when you get old and use the money to live off or re-invest for an income... it's the best investment you can make imho ... especially considering the massive state pension deficit timebomb the government created in 2016 ... ;)


How is it going to be your Pension pls explain if you keep living in it?

Santander Remortgage 2 Years Fixed 1.29% LTV 75% (£999 fee) & free valuation + legal fees or £250 cashback
366° Expired
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Santander Remortgage 2 Years Fixed 1.29% LTV 75% (£999 fee) & free valuation + legal fees or £250 cashback
Searching for a new deal to re-mortgage. Came across this on Santander's website 1.29% fixed 2 years Max LTV 75% £999 product fee Free standard legal fees (or £250cashback) and fr… Read more

Thanks for your comment. Sorry, I’ve just seen it! I went into Sanatanda yesterday for a chat. I have to wait until the end of my current deal. Not sure I’ll go with them again though. They don’t let you over pay on any of their deals unless you pay the minimum of £500.. so discouraging. Deliberate I’m sure


I think that would be classed as a product switch rather than re-mortgage as you're only changing the product and not the lender. They may have different deals for product switch but i didn't find any info on their site.


TSB can do some good 5 year fix rates


go through a broker and get a Halifax of Natwest 2 year fix ( £999 fees) with 1.19%.


The calculations to work out if fee or no fee is best are easy Add the fee make the payments the same and see what's left at the end of the fix. Barclays have a slightly better rate 1.21% on 60%LTV £999 fee would need to chech legals and valuation.

Santander Everday Credit Card, 0% 18 Months Balance Transfer Card, NO FEES
1234° Expired
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Superb credit card with a high acceptance rate, 80 out of 100 allegedly approved (please check your eligibility online) My fair credit score got me a 4k limit no questions asked! … Read more
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Why is this expired? Looks available to me.


BTW - I have an 'excellent' credit score and got refused for this card lol. Makes me wonder what kind of customers they actually want. Looks to me they want customers who can't pay so they can make money out of them. The way these banks choose customers is pure BS.


keep your money on socks then...


All these banks are legalised criminals. Check this out:


do you have to send in proof of income?

Santander 5 year fixed rate remortgage @ 1.39% plus £1499 setup fee.
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Santander 5 year fixed rate remortgage @ 1.39% plus £1499 setup fee.
1.39% fixed for 5 years Large fee of £1499 means it's overall similar in cost over 5yrs to the First Direct 1.44% 5 year fix. Potential £225 or more (depending on loan size) cashb… Read more

lenders will almost certainly want a valuation if you remortgage from another lender. Switching deal with current lender probably won’t


It might be worth mentioning the LTV rate needed for this?


Thanks. Just read their conditions, pretty sneaky. I'm tempted to rule them out on this basis. With a 123 account I would get £100 cashback a month meaning this would be cheaper than the first direct for me. But not by much


What's the catch with Seems too good to be true


They have exit or completion fee of £225 at the end of the term or if you switch

5% Cashback at John Lewis via Santander Retail Offers - Maximum reward £35 (possibly account specific)
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
5% Cashback at John Lewis via Santander Retail Offers - Maximum reward £35 (possibly account specific)
It's very likely that this is account specific but worth checking if you are doing a big shop at John Lewis. Valid until 3rd Feb 2020. Maximum reward £35.

Yeah account specific. I just checked mine, there is no JL offer. I am always getting stuff I don't care about!


Same here - Santander always has the worst offers.


not on mine I always get **** offers on santander amex has much better offers.


pretty sure you can order anything now and if it's reduced in the sales you can claim the difference back


up to £35 cashback means it is not worth spending more then £700, cheers not on mine thou.

Volvo S60 T5 R-Design Plus 18 Month Lease £229 per month at Santander Consumer Leasing £4122
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Volvo S60 T5 R-Design Plus 18 Month Lease £229 per month at Santander Consumer Leasing £4122
On a 1+17 lease term with 10k miles PA. Need to be a Santander customer but allegedly they don't check this. Edit: this is with Santander Consumer finance, 18 month PCH at £229 p… Read more
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Okay great it’s from the Audi dealership i pay nothing upfront it’s £547.50 per month for the next 4 years I place my order on Saturday now waiting not going to let them deliver it because it’s round the corner from my house literally just walk it lol but got a full tank too which is normal when buying a new car Thanks for your help


It’s a PCP so he would pay £24750 over the 4 years then either handback or pay another £18k to keep the car. Not amazing deal unless you like to keep cars for a long time (out of warranty) when he could just Pch lease for 3 yrs (60k miles) for £17.5k then return and get a new one?


I'd assumed the OP meant it was £6750 each year for 4 years. Otherwise it'd work out at £24,750 for a £42k car which seems unlikely.


At that price you will 100% beat the depreciated over 4 years which is ultimately the goal of a lease. Assuming the offer is from a decent company that will likely actually deliver the car then it's a good deal.


Expensive cars. Would probably be better going for a nearly new one if you're going to keep it at least 4 years IMO.

Account Specific. 8% cashback on Amazon Prime Now using Santander credit or debit card
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Posted 16th Nov 2019Posted 16th Nov 2019
Account Specific. 8% cashback on Amazon Prime Now using Santander credit or debit card
Account Specific. But good to check on your santander app. 8% cashback on Amazon Prime Now using Santander credit or debit card. Good for Black Friday offers.But you need to go to … Read more
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How did you screenshot on you banking app


Weird minds. Stop overanalysing!


10% for me :D Max reward £35 and one time use only!


Quite possible they were nightshift, maybe stayed up all night, or they charge the phone at work and save money that way?


Amazon Prime Now is only available in certain cities throughout the UK

Co-op food stores 10% cashback with Santander Retailer Offers
229° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
Co-op food stores 10% cashback with Santander Retailer Offers
Excludes petrol forecourt stores Expires 10/11/19

Yes, I have got the cash back every time so I know it works at my coop as the paypoint transaction posts as a coop purchase. Can’t say it’ll work that way for every coop.......


Is this any particular 'flavour' of co-op?


Have you got the cashback before, would it work for topping up electricity as well do you think.


I use this to pay my council tax via pay point..........


Deals keep changing every week on it now, always worth checking up on.

2 year fixed rate Santander remortgage 1.21% product fee £999. Free valuation and standard legal fees paid
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Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
2 year fixed rate Santander remortgage 1.21% product fee £999. Free valuation and standard legal fees paid
2 year fixed rate Compare Monthly cost £612 Initial rate 1.21% Product fee £999 Overall cost for comparison (APRC) 3.5% Changing to our Follow-on Rate 4.00% Maximum loa… Read more

bahahah santander literally refused us a mortgage, why, because my wife (at the time) was not a British citizen. Doesn't matter that we could actually afford it


because for some people it works out cheaper...


I used hsbc fee free products all the time. Once i paid 99quid fee for a very low rate. Hsbc was always cheaper for me. I managed to paid off my mortgage in 7 years and 4 months. Borrowed 137500 and paid back about 156000 including house is worth 220000. Dream deal;) Now selling house anf moving abroad and I will build a housr for 60 000 and the rest of money to boy some flats for rent and live off it. My tip for all of you guys...always overpay..100quid or 500 quid its doesbt matter. Overpay as much as your allowed or can. My hsbc have had unlimited overpayment and no penelties. I started off with rate 4.69 and ended with I belive 1.19. My mortgage was 624 for start and dropped down to 79 quid a month!!!. So do overpay and check yor LTV loan to value. When your house has lover ltv ask the bank for lover rate asap. I stayed with hsbc as i done all on line quick. I was on tracker since 2009 when recession started.i knew that for 5 years at leadt there will be now % I took adventache of it. Good luck!!!


Why would anyone want to pay a product fee.


I've just taken out a mortgage with Santander which said Legal Fees Paid - they've actually given me £250 cashback - the legal fees were £480! Might be worth keeping in mind.

Santander Retailer Offers - 10% Cashback at Morrisons
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Santander Retailer Offers - 10% Cashback at Morrisons
Earn 10% Cashback at Morrisons on all your grocery purchases until 03/11/2019, maximum total reward £15. Excludes petrol stations. Log in to your 123 Current Account and activate… Read more
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Not on my account either & have never had an offer for Morrisons, only places I would never use.


We do our weekly shop there and had this offer a few times


I just recently opened account and i have two offers morrison and co _op food store


Another account specific offer. Not on mine or my partner's account


must be a random offer, it only shows 5% for me and I never used Santander to pay at Morrisons

Santander remortgage - 1.54% 5 year Fixed rate (75% LTV) - Product fee £999
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Posted 22nd Oct 2019Posted 22nd Oct 2019
Remortgages only £999 Product fee Valuation - no fee, included Legal fees - no fee, included Annual over payment allowance - 10% If you have one of Santander's 123 accounts you … Read more
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1.39%? Presume you're under 60% LTV?


Had an appointment with a Santander mortgage advisor yesterday and have signed up to 1.39% with a £1499 fee


Do they have a good 5 year option by any chance?! Also any hint on which semi exclusive brokers may be able to offer this please?


999 product fee, 1.08% 2 year fix. Semi exclusive option available to brokers who are on certain networks.


If you don't mind, how do you know 1.08 is coming. Their product fee ts 1495.

Santander 5 year fix mortgage deal 1.49% 60% LTV - £999 product fee
1469° Expired
Posted 22nd Oct 2019Posted 22nd Oct 2019
Santander 5 year fix mortgage deal 1.49% 60% LTV - £999 product fee
5 year fixed rate Monthly cost £717 Initial rate 1.49% Product fee £999 Overall cost for comparison (APRC) 2.8% Changing to our Follow-on Rate 4.00% Maximum loan to value 60% Diff… Read more

All banks/lenders are good with the right customer. Speak to them or a broker... they will tell you if you can have a Skipton Mortgage. It might not be the best deal for you!


I saw this deal. Is Skipton Building society good? Any experience with them?


Really good point.


It asks for the password as Xls is in protected mode, any idea how to proceed? Ta


As noted above by another poster, might be worth adding the £225.00 account fee that also applies with this offer to the main op post as this is payable at some point. Still a good deal on balance however. Here is the excerpt below from my mortgage illustration doc: The £225.00 Account fee for managing your mortgage account. This also includes closing your mortgage account when your mortgage ends. It’s payable on completion, however you can defer this fee until the end of your mortgage. You will only pay this Account fee once during the lifetime of this mortgage on this property.

Santander mortgage 1.59% 2 year fix - fee free
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Posted 16th Oct 2019Posted 16th Oct 2019
Santander mortgage 1.59% 2 year fix - fee free
Very competitive rate for a fee free 2 year fix. Max LTV 60% Better rates are available with fees, but very often they work out more expensive over 2 years, once you add the fees… Read more

Ignore my comment, it’s the first £1000 per month so you will get £10 back per month


That’s a bang average mortgage not impressed at all lots of hidden costs. Have a strong feeling this guy is lying to you all for personal gain


Only voice. I have a sound recorder for my safety and I learnt when another side has 2 people, they will lie and support each other.


Upload the video too youtube, it should be fun to watch ;)


I’m not sure they’re worth it on a fix at such low interest rates. A few reasons... You pay a higher rate to have offset vs capital repayment. If rates rise (which seems more likely than not) then it won’t take much to earn more in savings than the offset. Admittedly only to the tax free interest threshold. Or as mortgages are normally a long term commitment you’d be better off investing rather than off setting. I’ve made an average of 8% on stocks and shares ISA over the last 15 years. Or put it in a SIPP for the extra tax benefit if you won't need it. If you're a higher rate tax payer this could be particularly beneficial and worth doing before any rules get changed.