Santa's Slay DVD £3.99 at Amazon & Play

Santa's Slay DVD £3.99 at Amazon & Play

Found 27th Nov 2010
Santa's Slay DVD £3.99 at Amazon & Play

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Bill Goldberg (THE LONGEST YARD) stars as Santa Claus in this horrific comedy, but he's not like the Santa we know and love. One thousand years after losing a bet with an angel that conscripted him to a millennium of cheer and generosity, Santa, who is in reality a demon, is off the hook and returning to his evil ways. The reign of terror that follows is battled by high schooler Nick (Douglas Smith, CITIZEN DUANE)--whose grandfather (Robert Culp) happens to have been the angel who won the bet--and his girlfriend, Mac (Emilie de Ravin, LOST).

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