Sanus wstv1 TV stand for Sonos playbase or playbar at Amazon for £116.15

Sanus wstv1 TV stand for Sonos playbase or playbar at Amazon for £116.15

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Found 13th Jan 2018
Cheapest it’s ever been on amazon according to ccc.
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To me this just looks like an EXPENSIVE tv stand that tilts and happens to have a base the same size as a playbase . Cheaper options are buying a whole new table with mount attached or mount on wall.
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Can’t see how this is useful to anybody
Yes, it might just look like any other TV stand and, yes, it is quite expensive, but I can assure you it is a quality item that looks terrific in use. I bought one from Amazon just before Christmas to go with a new Sonos Playbase. and I was very pleased to get one for £125 - a good saving on other advertised prices.
I would never have dreamt of spending so much on a stand, but it seemed to tick all the boxes, have excellent reviews, and having invested so much in my TV and Playbase, I just thought "Oh, what the hell....".
I haven't regretted it for a minute. It is so well built, sturdy, heavy - a quality bit of engineering. It looks great (an odd thing to say as one of its main advantages is that it's practically invisible in use) and can be swivelled, tilted and raised/lowered with ease.
It is a specialist bit of kit, optimised for use with a Playbase, so won't be of interest to most people who just want a basic stand for their TV. But they shouldn't write it off on price alone.....
33053204-7dxu0.jpgHmmm where does the playbar go ?!
Chris, the vertical bracket attached to back of the TV has about 10 slots cut into it. The angled bracket from the base has "hooks" on it so the TV can be positioned at whatever height you like to give the clearance required.
In the photo above, it is being used purely as a basic stand, being set at the lowest position, so could not take a Playbase (or a Playbar, which being much smaller than the Playbase, is not really the intended target kit for this stand). If the bracket was raised by 4 or 5 slot positions, the Playbase would sit neatly underneath, covering the whole of that flat base and making the stand almost invisible from the front.
In use, the whole thing is rock solid.
Just ordered one through Richer Sounds. They offer price beat so have matched Amazon and taken a further £5 off. Total cost £111.15
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