SANYO / 12.1 megapixels Camera /  VPC-X1200 - black £ 89 @

SANYO / 12.1 megapixels Camera / VPC-X1200 - black £ 89 @

Found 14th Nov 2009
Go digital with the VPC-X1200 from Sanyo! The Sanyo VPC-X1200 is one of the most affordable digital cameras to include a 12.1-megapixel sensor. It has a compact, stylish design, and guarantees stunning snaps every time you shoot.

The VPC-X1200 boasts a number of technologies to help you get the best pictures, including smile and face detection to ensure every photo you take is a keeper. The VPC-X1200's video mode transforms this device from a camera into a camcorder, while a 2.7-inch screen lets you monitor your photos before and after taking them.

What's more, 6400 ISO sensitivity allows you to take great pictures even in low lighting conditions. The VPC-X1200 will capture all those special moments as they happen in top quality

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+ £4.40 delivery

Remember more megapixels dosent mean its a good camera

I've never used Sanyo compacts.

Its been hard to find a review of this camera. This is the best I could find. Lots of user reviews, which strike me as pretty inconsistent. Oh well. To each their own.…htm
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