Sanyo 28" widescreen Flat TV + Free 5.1 Home theatre - £209 or less delivered (wow deal !!!)
Sanyo 28" widescreen Flat TV + Free 5.1 Home theatre - £209 or less delivered  (wow deal !!!)

Sanyo 28" widescreen Flat TV + Free 5.1 Home theatre - £209 or less delivered (wow deal !!!)

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What an Amazing package deal from Dixons !!!!!!

Sanyo 28" Pure Flat widescreen Nicam TV + Free 5.1 Home theatre (separately sold for £129.99 at Dixons) for just £209 delivered. (or £203 with Quidco)

The actual sale price is £229 with £19.99 delivery charge. Use code perkz20dix to get £20 off and TISCALI199 to get Free delivery. A further 3% (£6) cashback through Quidco. After all savings, grab this package for ~ £203 delivered.

TV Features: 28" Pure Flat, NICAM Sound Quality, 2 scarts, Parental Lock, Auto Install, Sleep Timer, Headphone Socket, Front AV sockets, SILVER Colour

Goodmans 5.1 AV System Features: See the comments please!


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Goodmans 5.1 System (Free with Sanyo 28" TV)


[*]Active subwoofer and 5 satellite speaker
[*]5x 10W RMS plus 50W RMS Sub Woofer
[*]Inouts for TV, VCR, DVD AND Aux
[*]Full inputs for 5.1 DVD Audio output
[*]Mute Function
[*]Remote control
[*]Scart lead included
[*]3 pairs of RCA to RCA phono leads
[*]4 x speaker stands (adjustable)[/LIST]

Use your Egg Money card (clicking through the Egg web-site) and get 10% instant cash back - instead of clicking via Quidco.

[SIZE=2]This deal and other cheap tv offers have been on the Dixons website for ages and they all sold out over a week ago...there will be none left, I can guarantee it. I managed to get an order in on one of the JVC 32in 100hz Tvs about 2 weeks ago...with all the discounts it came to about £170. Got a call back from Dixons a few days later saying there were none in stock!!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]If anyone gets one, I'll gladly stand corrected![/SIZE]

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In stock at the moment in Dixons.

theiddo, How do you say there is none left when it shows in stock and orders accepted ?

[SIZE=2]Call me cynical (and I am when it comes to Dixons/Currys)...but maybe there is one left in some store in Scotland somewhere...but there won't be anywhere else in the country. They would have a few of these tvs in stores at the most...thats why I don't believe anyone will get one. I know that the Sanyo tv has been at that price for ages, as I check the Dixons page every day, because they are phasing out the CRT tvs, and thus reducing prices.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]when I placed my order for the JVC a couple of weeks back, it checked out ok for the postcode (TN3 area)...then the order went through fine. Once you get to this stage though, the order is still not confirmed. Amongst the many Terms & Conditions, Dixons say your order is not complete until you receive a 3rd email from them...and basically they can cancel at any stage before this. The excuse I got was that my TV was no longer in stock...even though the stock check said it was when I ordered! dixons then pretended to look for similar tvs around the same price for me...knowing full well that there were none of that quality at that price.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Good luck to anyone that gets one...its just, that I don't believe anyone will. I would be delighted though if anyone does, as the price for the Sanyo is very good.[/SIZE]

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Thanks for the feedback theyiddo :wink:

I am very [COLOR=darkred]positive[/COLOR] about this deal because the other 28" Widescreen deals at Dixons are around £150 (several of them) and are all out of stock.

£229 (+ £19.99 delivery) for a 28" widescreen Flat TV is not a WOW price. This package deal is great because:

1. £20 discount (perkz20dix - £20 off £200)
2. Free delivery- £19.99 savings (TISCALI199)
3. Free Goodmans 5.1 AV system worth £129
4. £6.50 cashback discount with Quidco

Only after all these savings, the price is amazing. I have recommended this deal to a friend of mine who has ordered this now. Shall let you know how things progress.

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[SIZE=2][COLOR=black]Update email -1[/COLOR] [/SIZE]

This is to confirm that we are starting to process your order. When we are able to confirm your order we will send you a third email, which will also confirm dispatch of the goods.

For reference your order number is D000xxxxx.

If you have any queries regarding your order or your account in general, please email us at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] or call us on 0870 333 1222.
Please note that receipts may be posted separately from goods.

Please quote your order number in all correspondence.
Thank you for placing your order with Dixons Web Sales

Just tried to get one now but it says " due to high demand the following item(s) are currently unavailable. http://www.dixons.co.uk/store_doc/images/spacer.gif SANYO CE28FWN6B 28" Pureflat Widescreen TV with Floor Stand "

I'm in Scotland (EH postcode) and there doesn't seem to be any up here either !

Good luck edi....you may get one by the look of it!

Here was my initial order on 16th July...


Thank you for shopping with Dixons. Here are the details of the product/s
you have ordered:

Quantity Code Description
1 876535 JVC AV32H5SK 32"FLAT

Total price: £180.49

Dixons order number: D000XXXXXX
Order placed on: 16/07/2006 22:43:43
Payment method: Credit/Debit Card

Subject to availability,

the order will be delivered to


Payment will be taken from your debit or credit card when your order is
confirmed. The full terms and conditions can be found on
][COLOR=#810081]http://www.dixons.co.uk[/COLOR] under 'Customer Service' and 'Terms and

Please note that all orders are subject to stock availability. We will
email you again when your order is confirmed.

Thank you for placing your order with Dixons Web Sales.

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Thanks theyiddo :thumbsup:

My friend's TV is on its way.
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