Sapphire 8" 800x600 4:3 Digital Photo Frame with 5 free interchangeable frames 50% OFF
Sapphire 8" 800x600 4:3 Digital Photo Frame with 5 free interchangeable frames 50% OFF

Sapphire 8" 800x600 4:3 Digital Photo Frame with 5 free interchangeable frames 50% OFF

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Sapphire Digital Photo Frame supports a high resolution display what enjoy your precious memories via Sapphire Digital Photo Frame. The Sapphire Digital Photo Frame has elegant ID design what is the best gift for your family and friends.

Interchangeable Frame
High Resolution
Multiple Memory Card Slots
Easy Operation
Aesthetic Design

Panel Resolution 800x600
LCD Type Digital TFT LCD (4:3)
Brightness 250cd/m2
Memory card supported CF1,CFII,SD,XD,MS,MMC
USB Interface 2.0 Hostx1 + 2.0 Devicex1
File Format supported JPEG, M-JPEG
Video Format supported MPEG, DAT,AVI
Audio Format Supported MP3
Speaker 1.5W x 2
Memory card supported 32M ~ 2G
Automatic Slide Show Yes
Power supply AC 100~240 in / DC 1A/12V out
Remote Yes
Dimensions 268mm x 207mm x 42mm
Weight 1kg


u got a link to the product not the piccy?????????

Try this: -


Rather bizarrely, this is the same address as in the OP but this works, whereas the OP doesn't - for me anyway!

Review from Amazon.co.uk:

By John Blakely (Lisburn, Northern Ireland) - See all my reviews

What the Sapphire DPF-080 frame excels at is image quality; the 600x800 display is crystal clear and it has handled all my jpegs and avi's straight from the camera without any problems (except see last para). My pocket Samsung images fill the frame perfectly; with my Canon SLR there is a thin black boarder at picture top and bottom - not a problem. Portrait shots are nicely adjusted with black side boarders. Once you have the frame set up all you need to do is apply power and the slide show will commence (albeit after a Sapphire logo has displayed for a few seconds).

OK that was the good news. It falls down on the following points:-
- The remote control is next to useless, the frame either ignores commands or does something completely different. The buttons on the back of the frame are the only reliable way to do things.
- The length of time a picture can be displayed before moving on to the next is far too short, the longest being about 10secs. This means when you casually glance over to see the current image, chances are you will see a picture transition. I'd prefer an hour at least.
- There is no random picture mode, photos are displayed in alphabetical order.
- I hoped I could intersperse jpegs and avi's and show them together in the one slide show; unfortunately not, you have to select movie mode if you want to display movies.
- The power cable is woefully short, about 1.5m. I had to make an extension. This frame does not take batteries.
- The frame is a bit light and "plasticy". For some people this could be an issue; it looks ok from a distance. The interchangeable coloured boarders are a quaint touch. PS - there is no glass over the LCD display.

When I received this frame I seriously thought of returning it. But once I got it set up and running it does the job fairly well (above gripes accepted). Most frames in this price range probably suffer similar problems, but maybe with poorer image quality, so I guess all in all the Sapphire DPF-080 is reasonably good value. It warrants a 3.5 out of 5!

Just one other point. I wanted to put the frame on a highish mantle piece so the pictures could be seen while sitting in the living room. I've discovered that this frame (and probably most others too) is designed to be viewed while they are sitting on a coffee table, i.e. well below eye level. My solution to this problem is to rotate all my jpegs 180degs and invert the frame (which is very easy using it's stand); that way the pictures can be viewed nicely from below. Problem is I have to pre-process all my images before putting them in a slide show; something I definitely did not want!

Good review there valentins (and John Blakely!) I was tempted, but I think the 10 second maximum is way too short. I think this is a technology that's going to get cheaper and better in the next 6 months, so I think I may hold off for the time being. This is a good price though, especially as it offers much better resolution than the vast majority at this price, so I'll give it a hot vote anyway - after all it is Friday!

Good price for the product, with what is actually a decent resolution and aspect ratio.

The real problem for me is the short time between transitions and the lack of a random mode. If you want to use the device as a slideshow, random mode is essential: otherwise you get a lot of similar pictures shown together.

The major downer for me is the extremely short time before transmissions. Personally I would like to find one with the option to change the picture every 24 hours. That way you can get a new photo displayed every day. Most people do not look at the frame continuously to see a slideshow.

Just my opinion.

Voted hot for the price (it could be a very good buy for some people) - but not a frame for me!

Seems like OOS now!

Would this work as a low-res PC display? I'm using a SFF PC as the base for a Pandora music system, having a pair of speakers connected to the soundcard. But I need some sort of small display just to view the Pandora window,etc

Though ideally I'd like a res around 640x480 native, so the window will fill more of the screen, but any tips on sourcing a sub 10" display would be appreciated

You wouldn't be able to use them as a PC display without ripping out the guts and, even then, I'd say it's unlikely you'd find a signal compatible with DVI or (even more unlikely) VGA.

Just how much do these things add to your electricity bill and wasted energy, sitting there 24 hours a day showing pictures to no-one? What would be a great improvement would be a passive infrared sensor which only switches on the display when there's someone around. You'd still have standby power consumption but it would make a huge difference.

can not add it to basket.. actually there is no basket button to click... i m using firefox..

look at other digi frames on site very good prices memonto frame is really good and good buy smaller frame but more options

Now sold out, but they have a widescreen version for £6 more.


Now sold out, but they have a widescreen version for £6 more.

For some reason the widescreen version has got a couple of very poor reviews on Amazon...

From that detailed review above this frame is just as unusable as all the frames I've seen or owned :-(
If you can find one with a decent screen for a decent price it likely as not has a
- cruddy user interface
- remote control that doesn't work
- silly short intervals

The Ality frame I currently have has a great screen and looks fantastic but only has 10 second intervals, even worse it's user interface is useless - you have to press between three and six buttons just to pause a slide-show! :cry:
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