Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1&2 Blu Rays £20 instore @ HMV
Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1&2 Blu Rays £20 instore @ HMV

Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1&2 Blu Rays £20 instore @ HMV

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I went into HMV at Monks Cross in York on my lunchbreak and they have Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1&2 box set, on Blu Ray for just £20!!!

Oddly enough they are also selling Season 2 on it's own for £20...

I checked to see if it was a mistake but they have at least another 4 or 5 of them on sale in other areas of the shop!

This is my first post, sorry if someone else has already posted this...

BTW. I just checked online, it's almost double!!! Not sure if it's store specific tho?


£20 for the pair, or £20 per season?

EDIT: Nevermind, I read the description. Great deal.
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i really wanna know if this is store specfic or not

I'll check a local store tomorrow, I suspect this is a pricing error as Hmv does not do "store specific" offers, it just has staff missticker stuff.

Great deal, if it's widely available at this price. I'll check my local store tomorrow.

Great deal, voted hot.

Like so many US shows of recent years, this promises so much but ultimately it's on a road to nowhere. I enjoyed it at the time, but most of that enjoyment was the anticipation of greater things to come, it won't stand repeated viewing now I know there's no payoff. Only really worth buying if you've got a thing for Ms Glau.

it a good tv show.

if you like the Terminator movie.

grab this.

Top price!

Great price, crap show. Yes I watched them all but it left you wanting so much more.

Will check this in my HMV near work. Hopefully will get lucky.

good price. Heat added


The series, not the deal (which is good).

I don't see this as being a mis-price, it will most likely be a part of their clearance sale.

May well be store specific however, just depends what each store has up. The HMV in the Trafford centre for example has really good blu-ray deals on atm. Picked up season 6 and 8 of Smallville for 30 quid.

Was £53 in the HMV near work. Only S1 was £20.

In two HMV`s near me....Moorgate & Leadenhall Market....were £35...so pricing up error....well done!!

All £53 in derby, s1 is £20 so this is a pricing error and would not scan at £20. Expire.

Also saw being human seasons 1 and 2 in a single box set for £20 on blu ray

Couldn't find this set today but found Season 1 for £12 in HMV Edinburgh City Centre. Cheapest around by far.

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Hi, sorry for not coming back sooner... Computer problems.

I went back in store a copy up (season one & two boxset) and I only paid £20, had no problems... I'll pop in tomorrow and check to see if the prices have been changed or not :-)

I agree tho, not a great series but for both of em on Blu Ray it's a steal!

£20 each in Norwich. I enjoyed the series, but £20 each is too much for me.

If you love The Terminator films you`ll love this. Takes a while at first to adjust to the show without Arnie & Linda Hamilton but you soon get over that. Great series, shame it only lasted 2 seasons - promised so much more....Vote Hot!

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No longer at £20 for the boxset :-(
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