Sarah Harper, 2 x **FREE** Soap Samples
Sarah Harper, 2 x **FREE** Soap Samples

Sarah Harper, 2 x **FREE** Soap Samples

We love our soap and know you will too and we want you to try it FREE. If you would like a free sample of our soap please email:[email protected]sarahharper.co.uk with your name and address and the two scents you would most like to try and we will send you small samples.

Lisa x


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i don't mind cold votes, as i know not all deals are as good as some times initally thought when posting, but some tips as to why they are cold would be helpfull please so i know what to avoid when looking for good stuff we can all enjoy ? thanks x


dont know why this has expired?
you can still get it free of you email -

[COLOR="Magenta"]Yes it's true we are giving away free samples of our lovely soap, however there is a small catch! Ha I hear you say.........

We are a very small business and as much as we are loving all the attention we cannot afford to send out 200 samples at once nor can we continue to do so at our own cost without a few changes to the offer. There are two options:

1. Pay 50p postage via the paypal button below and add the details of the 2 samples you want in the notes. You will receive your samples within 10 days and the 50p will be offset against any future orders.

2. email:[email protected]sarahharper.co.uk with your request and address and we will send the samples out within 10 weeks at no cost.

As they say "Good things come to those who wait...or pay the postage"

The samples will be enough for 6-10 handwashes and to enable you to appreciate the scent and softness of our soap.

Your details will be added to our mailing list and you will be sent information on offers, free stuff, products and prize draws which we hold monthly. We will not share your details with anyone else.[/COLOR]

thankyou lisa xx
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