Sarah Jane Adventures Action Figure Twin Pack Set of 3 Packs (Doctor Who) £9.95 was £29.97

Sarah Jane Adventures Action Figure Twin Pack Set of 3 Packs (Doctor Who) £9.95 was £29.97

Found 11th Apr 2009
1. Sarah Jane Smith and General Kudlak Action Figure Set
2. Sarah Jane Smith and The Graske Action Figure Set
3. Sarah Jane Smith and Child Slitheen Action Figure Set

**MAX. Two Sets Per Customer**

One of a race of diminutive aliens from the planet Griffoth, Sarah Jane Smiths friend Maria was kidnapped by the Graske. Its job was to take people out of time at the request of the Trickster and leave them in Limbo, but Maria escaped the Graskes clutches and was transported back to 1964, where the Trickster changed the future by swapping around Sarah Jane and her friend Andrea an accident occurred and instead of Andrea, Sarah Jane drowned. Maria then got back to the present day and tried to warn everyone she knew what the Trickster and his Graske slave were up to.

Eager for his first hunt, and as a child of the Family Slitheen, this young Raxacoricofallapatorian was attending Park Vale school, disguised as a boy called Carl. He pretended to be a friend to Maria and Clyde, apparently rescuing them from his father, who was disguised as the human teacher Mr Jeffrey. But then, anxious to begin his first hunt, he revealed his true nature to the two friends and chased them through the school. Sadly, along with his father Kist Magg Thek Lutovin Day Slitheen, he was killed when the capacitor the Slitheen had built at Park Vale was destroyed in an explosion after the aliens unsuccessfully tried to turn out the sun.

good deal if you collect this stuff like me!
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HomeBargain stores are selling these for 99p. Not all the sets are available in my local store but you might find a better selection if you look around.

Above price (£9.95) includes p+p.
But I've only seen one of the sets there. They had a few of them (General Kudlak set) but they looked like they had seen better days!
Raxacoricofallapatorian oh and thank **** for cut and paste! sod spelling that!!!
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