Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume 100ml £16.15 delivered at Amazon

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume 100ml £16.15 delivered at Amazon

Found 15th Nov 2013
Reduced from £46 and with free super saver delivery. Ideal Christmas gift! There are also 30ml and 50ml bottles available on the same page if you'd prefer a smaller bottle but the 100ml is best value for price.
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Ordered! thank you
Glad to help :).
Perfect if you want to smell like a horse
Can't understand why this has been voted cold. Best price i've seen it.
I'm surprised. It's got good reviews and a lot of money off so seems a good deal to me. Perfume is such a personal taste of course so that's maybe why it hasn't been popular on here.
Have to say I'm not keen on "celebrity" perfumes but this is actually nice. I don't think being linked to SJP does it any favours though as it would probably sell just as well under a different banner. Voted hot.
Sorry to gate crash this just trying to help i posted this being at bnms at 13,99
That's a fab price amberp. I love B&M.
Lovely smell, great price!!! Voted hot
Uno what jenni it sells alot of naf stuff but some great price toys and general bargaina at 16 pound tho this is still clearly a bargain
This is my favourite perfume, great price! Ordered, thanks!
Voted HOT & Ordered! thank you
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