Saris Bones 3 bike rack in Costco £59.98

Saris Bones 3 bike rack in Costco £59.98

LocalFound 7th May 2013
This is a bike rack that fits on the back of your car to carry 3 bikes, and it looks pretty nice. It has great reviews such as this one…278

Costco in southampton have it for £49.99+VAT = £59.98. They had more than 10 at about 3pm today (7th May).

Manufacturer's list price is £140, and online I can't find it for less than £100.

Manufacturer's page:…tml
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ty, shame it won't fit my sportback - looks a good price though.
Cracking price. £100 was best I got at amazon. Does fit a5 if that's the sport back you have capriboy. Heat added
lol he might have a capri
er he might have a capri
Still £119 in MK branch. Told Southampton only opened at the weekend so probably just an opening offer.
anybody recommend a good towbar mounted bike carrier? hot deal by the way.
Excellent price. I'm after one of these for my Qashqai. I'm trading the Qashqai in in December so there's no point getting a towbar fitted. Spongebob, I was looking at the Atera STRADA DL 3 which is £345 from roofbox and costs an extra £50 for the adapter so it takes 4 bikes. I've read some good reviews on it so it might be worth considering.…%7D

Video of it in use:…l=0
Yeah, Southampton opened on Saturday. No special offer signage on this item though. Did wonder if it would scan right as it seemed too cheap.

er he might have a capri

Sadly the last one went to Ford heaven some years ago thanks to a combination of a boozed up youth speeding in a twokk'd orion and my ex wife's inability to stop at a crossroads...

As for the A5 sorry, IDK, i'd presume so looking at the fitting but whilst it's a pretty motor I prefer to push than pull.

anybody recommend a good towbar mounted bike carrier? hot deal by the way.

I am getting a tow bar fitted and shortly then getting Thule 9403 3 Bike Tow Bar Carrier. My mate took one to Germany and rates it. Have to get with lights etc as my 5 series touring e39 would have number plate and lights completely obscured by most racks with 3 bikes on.

Halfords link. Cant find it cheaper.…477

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wanted one of these but leeds and sheffield coming up as £119.98
cheers for the info, will check them out.
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