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Posted 20 November 2022

Saris H3 smart direct drive turbo trainer for indoor cycling £404.10 with Voucher Code @ Sigma Sports

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheapest I've seen this for this very well reviewed trainer.

DC Rainmaker review is worth reading.

Saris have recently had financial issues but have been bought buy a new owner and have recently launched a H4 version of this.

Quidco also available.

Sigma are one of the best too with free returns and great service.

Free delivery or next day for around a fiver.

Note the free mat and sweat guard aren't available with the voucher.

This voucher gives 10% site wide.
Sigma Sports More details at Sigma Sports
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    I bought this on Friday, delivered yesterday and did 2 hours on it earlier, very pleased with it.
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    Bought it last year for £520 which was a steal. For £404 is armed robbery. Joking aside, all turbo trainers are on some sort of sale but this one is excellent trainer and can't see it going further down in price
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    Not sure what the h3 is like but I have the h2 and it’s built like a tank.
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    I'm trying to decide if this or the Tacx Neo 2 SE for £570 is better (deal posted on here plus bluelightcard 5%), if anyone has thoughts?

    Both of us are beginner cyclists looking to get into Zwift et al., for casual fitness (so performance/accuracy is not an issue), but quite like the fact that the Tacx is effectively silent and a bit more compact as it will be in our guest bedroom and need moving whenever people come to stay. Also the fact that it can do virtual downhills and simulate road surfaces appeals to the tech nerd in me.
    Check the blue light code works on Tacx, I don't think it works on wahoo, Garmin or Tacx.

    I considered the tacx neo and Kickr when it was £650 but cheaped out and went for the Saris. The cobble feature sounds like an annoying gimmick and not sure I want to have change gear loads of keep peddling downhill?

    It's cool that it's self powering though and auto calibrates, but £200 cool? For me the Mrs nearly killed me at £400, let alone 600.

    As for sound, the Saris is essentially silent. The reviews say the neo is quieter, but my drive train is all I could hear.

    As a beginner you don't need the Neo, or the Saris really. Ive been riding turbos for over 10 years and only just got a direct drive.

    The Elite Direto for 365 with BLC seems a great buy too.
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    Was waiting for a decent offer on this or similar. Mate has had this particular one for a couple of weeks and raves about it. At this price I couldn't hold back. Just need a decent offer on Zwift now. Are they likely to do anything for Black Friday?
    The Saris comes with a voucher for a free month of zwift in the box
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    I have owned the H3 for about a year now, I upgraded from the H2. The H3 much quieter, it still has a nice heavy flywheel and is a steal at this price. Only downside is its weight if you have to move it around. A couple of thousand miles on Zwift with no problems so far.