Sat Nag £5 delivered @ + Quidco!

Sat Nag £5 delivered @ + Quidco!

Found 24th Feb 2009
Back down to £5! The Sat Nag is the greatest in-car invention since the Sat Nav. Actually - it's better than a Sat Nav, and even if it's guaranteed to get you nowhere fast, it's one of those jokes that just keeps on giving. Press the button on the front and a very well-recorded, patronising woman's voice will come out with one of a host of hysterical Sat Nav-type commands. With such crackers as: "I know you're a man, but it's been 35 minutes now, so can you please admit you're lost and ask someone the way"; and "In 100 metres turn left. No right, err, no left. Sorry, I never can tell my left from my right", as well as "In 50 meters I'm going to put on my most annoying voice and say 'Is your short cut really faster when we get stuck in traffic like this, well, is it darling?" and "In 100 meters I'm going to talk to you in that special voice, which should let you know you've upset me in some way that is bound to be your fault".

There are loads of them, and the main reason they're so funny is that they're so accurate, we've all been there, and boy are we all going there again. There are a few 'not in front of the children' comments, but none that are too offensive. This anti-compass has a holographic screen, highlighting the important roads such as Whiny Lane, Backseat Drive and Earache Avenue, and will have you howling with laughter both at the idiosyncrasies of women in passenger seats and also how dumb men are behind the wheel - every car should have one.


jesus christ, i thought this was a price cock up and there was a sat nav for £5 :lol:

I bet this is really amusing for about 4 seconds, then it's off to the car boot! ;-)

got one of these.. called a "wife". Costs a damn sight more to keep than a fiver though, so heat added!

Got one of these for Christmas and it is currently gathering dust somewhere waiting to be sold at the car boot or given as a present to someone I don't really like next year.

Why would you? Anyone?

The state this country is in we need to lighten up , they can't tax us for a laugh yet. Maybe as said short lived but a good joke.

I thought it was a good price for a gift for someone who is hard to buy for, obviously not

amibees u just keep putting posts up from th best selling gadgets:S:S:S:S
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