Sat Nag, Hangout Hammock & Insult Button - All 3 for £9.99 @

Sat Nag, Hangout Hammock & Insult Button - All 3 for £9.99 @

Found 12th Oct 2009
part of a 3 for £10 promotion (not much else left in the offer), these 3 normally cost £18.47…tml…tml…tml


Wow... just what my life has been missing... :whistling:

Gee, I wonder why these haven't sold out like most other things in the offer

Thanks for sharing, but I'm not sure who would really pay any money for this at all. Ah the Sat Nag might brighten up my Dad's mornings on the way to work, I dunno. I can imagine you would fatigue the little humour these things have, very quickly.

Get two Hammocks for a fiver instead. I bought a couple before the summer and used them loads in the garden (fortunate to have trees the perfect space apart lol). However you probably would even get much use out of that now for a while.

The Sat Nag looks like it would bring a smile to someones face for all of 30 seconds then get discarded with all the misc junk in the loft.
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