Satellite Suitcase - The Complete Satellite Kit - £79.99
Satellite Suitcase - The Complete Satellite Kit - £79.99

Satellite Suitcase - The Complete Satellite Kit - £79.99

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Satellite Suitcase - The Complete Satellite Kit Information:
Manufacturer: Comag

This really is an amazing price for everything that's included! We are going to sell out fast so order early to ensure you get yours.

Camping suitcase system with 39cm dish
LNB, Scart cable, Sat locator,
10M cable & connectors & various mounts
12/230V satellite receiver included
Full fitting and installation instructions
No need to subscribe to any network and no subscription fees
Single LNB
All in one portable compact case
Can receive BBC1, BBC2 & ITV
Take your receiver away with you

You can receive digital satellite programs with the Sat-System without depending on a fixed mounted satellite antenna. The mobile antenna allows you to receive signals at different places, like e.g. on a camping site. The antenna can be installed in a plastic case or can be mounted, e.g. on a car roof, on a table plate or a mast using the mounting components. Naturally, you can also connect the receiver to a fixed installed satellite antenna. You need not program the receiver. The most common broadcasting stations are pre-programmed on the following satellites:
You can receive programs broadcasted through these satellites as soon as you have connected the receiver and mounted and adjusted the antenna. There is a possibility of completing and/or modifying the existing pre-programming as the digitally emitted programs are updated continuously.
You can operate almost all receiver functions using the remote control.
All receiver settings can be done easily using the user interface on the TV-monitor.


Well done on your first post tamworthtiger.

I'll just add a price to the thread title Welcome to the forums!!!

This one doesn't have a Conditional Access Module does it, so no way to use any cards with it (Im no expert at this). I would love to get something like this for sports (football, cricket, wrestling, etc), but I think some of the good foreign channels require cards to work.

Looks like a nice bit of kit (to have a look at instructions on use click the pdf icons on the left hand side) otherwise, great for occasional use. Thanks for the pointer tamworthtiger.

I have one of those, bought a couple of years ago from Lidl. It's a very nice piece of kit if you want to receive FTA channels. I'm still using mine today.

It doesn't take CAM cards but you can get another receive which does and replace the FTA receiver that comes with this kit.

Can this take a Sky FTV card to pick up all the encrypted free channels?
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