Save 1/3 on all off-peak London Underground journeys with Young Persons (16-25) Railcard

Save 1/3 on all off-peak London Underground journeys with Young Persons (16-25) Railcard

Found 18th Feb 2014
Pay just £1.45 for an off peak single journey on the Tube if you apply your Young Person's Railcard to your Oyster card.

This will give you 1/3 off an off peak (after 9.30am week days and all weekend) single Zone One journey, making it only £1.45!

This must have changed recently as it used to just lower your daily limit, but now applies to the majority of journeys.

Hope this helps some young Londoners out with the expensive living costs!
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I've lived in London for about 2 years now and a railcard has always given 1/3 off off-peak fares...
I didn't know about this till about a month ago.
Network Railcard does thesame if you are over 25
what about friends and family?
I didn't know this, heat added.
Friends and family gave me 50% off all zones off peak
For those who get a "Gold Card" by buying a rail annual season ticket, you can also link this to your oyster card and get similar discounts:…spx

Worth taking a print out of the instructions on the following page as not everyone ticket office is clued up:…ts/
I realise this has been around a while now, but a few people (me included) weren't aware of it, so thought it'd be good to share
This has been going on for ages but agree not many people know about this and needs to be made more apparent. HEAT!
Thanks I had no idea!

what about friends and family?

Gets a bit more complicated with a Friends and Family card by the looks of it - but information is available here, still some discounts to be had!…ts/
With friends and family an off peak travelcard is reduced from £8.90 to £5.90 and a child's from £3.60 to £2.00. Don't forget that under 11's travel free off peak on the underground anyway.
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