Save 1/3 on baby products @ Sainsbury's

Save 1/3 on baby products @ Sainsbury's

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Save 1/3 on Baby Products

Nappies, Wipes, Newborn, Bathing, Changing, Baby oil, creams & powders, Feeding accessories, food & drink(excluding milk)

Thanks to cazzymouse on MSE



thanks for the heads up... been waiting on this to start!!! need loads of wipes! lol

thanks for that, does anyone know if that means you get a third off the current promo of two packets of pampers for £13.50?

thankyou xxx

Thanks for the post. Time to stock up on a few things i think!(_;)
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own brand nappies too? i have used a pack as pampers size was oos (am a pampers devotee) and i was very very impressed. cant even tell the difference. if on promo too, then im stockin' up!

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own brand nappies too?

Yes, including own brand items!

Time to have a stock up.

Thanks for the heads up OP, need to stock up!

great, got a £1 off sainsburys little ones nappies voucher with last baby club mailing! even more of a bargain!

i try to stock on the own brand toilet wipes but they always sell out!!! gonna have to get in there quicker this time!!

Been waiting for this - like to stock up on fruit pots, nappies and of course the obligatory wipes. Hopefully there'll be something on the shelves when I get there in a couple of hours! Cheers OP, was deciding whether to go Tesco or Sains and this made my mind up pronto!!
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