Save 1/3 on selected Valentines gifts at Boots.com
Save 1/3 on selected Valentines gifts at Boots.com

Save 1/3 on selected Valentines gifts at Boots.com

Save 1/3 on selected Valentines gifts at Boots.com plus get free delivery on orders of £35 or more! Use extra points codes attached if making larger orders. Thanks to Northerngirl for the tip! Here's a few examples:

Boots The Spa Relaxing Spa Now £10.00(Was £15.00)
Boots Eastern Spa Soothing Body & Soul Now £6.67(Was £10.00)
Boots Fondue Set Now £6.67(Was £10.00)
Botanics Weekend Essentials Now £9.99 (Was £15.00)
FCUK Grooming Wash Bag Now £13.33(Was £20.00)
Lambretta Boxer Shorts Gift Now £8.00(Was £12.00)


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Here's a few offers:

][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Boots Mediterranean Indulgence Bag[/COLOR][/SIZE]Now £13.33 (was £20.00)

Orange, camomile and honey body scrub (400ml)
Almond and wheatgerm body wash (200ml)
Olive, honey and wheatgerm body butter (200ml)
Body brush
Mini purse and woven bag

[img-float=left]http://www.boots.com/images/product/1073624/hero.jpg[/img-float]][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Botanics Bathing Experience + Free Botanics Golden Glow Body Lotion[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Now £13.33 (Was £20.00)

Botanics Bathing Experience includes:
Relaxing bath elixir (300ml)
Skin quenching body wash (250ml)
Moisture enhancing body balm (250ml)
Body polish
Exfoliating cloth
2 time to unwind candles

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][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Charles Worthington Dream Hair Vanity Bag[/COLOR][/SIZE] Now £13.33 (Was £20.00)

Charles Worthington Dream Hair Vanity Bag features:

Radiant Shine Glossing shampoo (275ml)
Radiant Shine Glossing conditioner (275ml)
Divine Shine finishing spray (75ml)


][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]FCUK Soothing Wash Bag[/COLOR][/SIZE]Now £13.33 (Was £20.00)

FCUK Sport Soothing Wash Bag contains: 100% cotton black face flannel
UV facial moisturiser (100ml)
Total body wash (250ml)
Deodorising body spray (150ml)
Cleansing body bar in Fcuk Sport Soothing fragrance(125g)


][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Hackett Bespoke Toiletry Bag[/COLOR][/SIZE]Now £19.99 (was £30.00)

Hackett Bespoke Toiletry Bag contains: Bespoke hair and body wash (200ml)
Bespoke body spray (150ml)
Aftershave balm (100ml)
Shave gel (200ml)

There are pages of other gifts available ................

Thanks for the pointers Cat

thanks for this cat

I used to work for a company that manufactured packaging for Boots.

They were the fussiest people we dealt with, taking everything to stupid lengths eg. they woud complain that a logo was 0.5 of a mm to one side. This is packaging for gods sake i.e. rubbish. Our stated tolerances were 1mm anyway!

We had what was known as the Boots factor. This was a 20% loading to all prices other customers paid on all Boots orders.

So if you are ever in Boots and notice the extremely high pricing compared to other places then consider that we were probably not the only company that were doing it.

Oops! Rant over and thanks for the heads up!

Original Poster Editor

You're welcome lol @ andyhayes, all that fuss over packaging i wouldnt notice something like that myself :roll:

Original Poster Editor

Offer still running only now you can get an extra 500 points on a £35 spend

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