Save 20% on all Ice Makers today only @ Sports HQ
Save 20% on all Ice Makers today only @ Sports HQ

Save 20% on all Ice Makers today only @ Sports HQ

For one day only, we've reduced our ice maker range by 20%.

These awesome machines need no plumbing, just fill with water, plug in, and you'll have fresh ice cubes in about 10 minutes.

Great for parties, barbecues - anywhere where people need a continuous supply of fresh ice for drinks. Just turn it on and you'll have ice ready for the whole party.

Two models available - a value model that produces 12kg of ice a day, and a premium model producing 15kg and with timer functions.


The Palm Springs Ice Cube Maker is the latest addition to the Palm Springs range of sports and leisure equipment. Producing Ice in under 10 minutes, making this ice cube maker / ice machine ideal for household and portable use. Produce fresh ice whenever you want it - ideal for entertaining, barbecues and parties - a timer option ensures that ice is never forgotten again. The Palm Springs Ice Maker is completely self-contained and no external plumbing is required.


it looks like the temperature is going to match the item on sale.

Cold as ice lol

Pop some water in a tray or them little bags, place in freezer, wait a few hours, job done !
Cost = pennies !

Not a great product/idea but I think they have messed up on their pricing too:

234.99 less 20% should be £187.99 they have it down to £89.99
279.99 less 20% should be £223.99 they have it down to £104.99

Don't make it hot because of this though you don't want to melt any at that price

Original Poster

Thanks for your comments,good point,but the idea of these machines is that you don't have to wait a few hours,it's ready in ten minutes,also if you need ice in bulk,there is no need to clog up your valuable freezer space.

I want one of these,i like the thought of it ready in ten mins.You never know when you fancy a drink.
But 90 quid is still to costly.
heat added.

Cold for the fact that apparently it used to cost £235!! oO

You can buy a proper under-counter freezer and a hundred ice cube bags and trays for the prices of these.

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Ordered one for Dads pub - good bargain as similar item was in Costco a while back and was more expensive - voted hot from me
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