SAVE £25.00 on Red Ocean (PC) GAME £4.99 delivered @ GAME
SAVE £25.00 on Red Ocean (PC) GAME £4.99 delivered @ GAME

SAVE £25.00 on Red Ocean (PC) GAME £4.99 delivered @ GAME

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Red Ocean (PC) game

WAS £29.99 - SAVE £25
Release Date: 21/09/2007

Red Ocean is a first-person action game, that combines innovative shooter gameplay with unique underwater elements. Players take on the role of diving instructor and treasure hunter Jack Hard, who stumbles upon a secret Russian cold war research station deep underneath the ocean surface. As he discovers, it is controlled by a terrorist organization and before he knows it, he gets caught in their nefarious schemes.

To combat the well-equipped enemy hordes, the player has to use the immense power of the ocean for his means. Firefights in collapsing underwater tunnels, structures that are obliterated by flooding, sinister frogmen hunting for the intruder, volatile explosives everywhere and a conspiracy involving deadly biological weapons make this game into an explosive action highlight.

The unique twist: players will deal with water in all 3 states of aggregation: in liquid form it not only enables you to approach enemies unnoticed by diving but can also conveniently drown a baddie. At sub-zero temperatures it quickly becomes a dangerously slippery surface and hot steam is nothing to mess with either.

Red Ocean Features:

Shooter action above and below water
Unique scenario
Thrilling diving sequences
Innovative water and physics gameplay
State-of-the-art graphics technology
Revolutionary water FX
Top-notch story

REC' AGE 16+

Available for Immediate Despatch


Any good? Can anyone recommend it?

This game has really poor ratings ]http//uk…tml

Never heard of it.

'It’s like if the designers had a goal of making an average game and noticing that it turns out quite good, they started shooting down all the better ideas. For example the diving is a great and welcome change from shooting, but the swimming sequence during which I get to kill all of two enemy divers lasts about two minutes. The game looks like a demo – I long for a full version.'
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