Save 50% - Reduced from £29.99 to £14.99

Save 50% - Reduced from £29.99 to £14.99

Found 26th Mar 2007
MisPriced item..
What a saving..
Reduced from £999 to £29
A whopping 97%.

Disney Princess Rock Hammock
That aside, obviously a misprice but from a previous price point of view.

Anyhow. Check ut the Reduced hammocks that are not previoulsy £999 but previously £29.99 and now £15.
50% off.
Dora the Explorer Hammock
Was: £29.99 / Now: £14.99…809

Spider-Man Hammock
Was: £29.99 / Now: £14.99…808

Disney Princess Hammock
Was: £29.99 / Now: £14.99…807

Please dont vote Cold for the misprice, this for the £15 Hammocks reduced half price. I was merely trying to spark up your Monday Mornings with excitment.


£15 for a summer hammock, gotta be a bargain!

Maybe the title confuses people!

Hot for me


where did you get reduced from £999 from?


where did you get reduced from £999 from?

The Disney Princess Rock Hammock is the one reduced from £999 to £29!?! I have ordered one for my daughter as she will love this in the garden BUT don't know if my order will be cancelled if it's a misprice. Here's hoping - collection from store on Thursday. Don't forget Quidco at 5%.

Original Poster

I was merely pointing out an error to start with, and then showing 3 half price hammocks for kids.

Great for the summer garden. Surely you were out in your garden at the weekend and got that summer feeling?
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