SAVE 99% Computer Active Magazine 3 Issues delivered for 3p

SAVE 99% Computer Active Magazine 3 Issues delivered for 3p

Found 6th Feb 2010
Computeractive is the UK's best-selling home PC magazine, designed to help you enjoy your computing and home technology hassle free. Each issue is packed with step-by-step guides, technology news, reviews and plenty of free downloads. You'll get straightforward, expert, plain-English advice on everything from preventing your PC from crashing to buying computer accessories and installing software


Subscribe to Computeractive and save up to 99%! * Direct Debit - 3 issues for £0.03 followed by £13.97 every 13 issues.

there not much info on the Direct Debits either, i am assuming ppl will ask if they can cancel the direct debits after 3 issues?

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Yes - you just email to cancel when you get your 1st issues and cancel your DD when the 3p has come out.

I've used these deals multiple times - way over 30 and never ever had a problem - they're not trying to catch you out!

So can you order them and then cancel it meaning 1p per issue? Nice, how would you cancel it?

Yeah do you cancel after you recieve the first issue or the third?
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