Save money on shuttle transfers or private taxi @ Resorthoppa
Save money on shuttle transfers or private taxi @ Resorthoppa

Save money on shuttle transfers or private taxi @ Resorthoppa

Prices from just £3.17 pp (Portugal and Turkey) and lots of other really low offers.
Whether you are looking for a shuttle transfer or private taxi we will offer you the best transfer deals ensuring you save both time and money upon arrival to your destination. Booking with ResortHoppa is fast and easy so check out our best deals below and let us help you save money.


been looking to book ours just found this
just £42 for 2 adults 3 children 1infant
thats a deal
but never heard of them anyone ever used these please

we have used resorthoppa n they were great using them this year in Tenerife

Have used these twice now. We booked holidays through travel republic and these are who was used when we booked for hotle transfers. They either wait inside airport with board or outside with coach/mini bus

Too expensive if you're going to Australia!

seems expensive in turkey? got taxi at airport in goa to south goa cavalossim was about £8 for the taxi not per person turkey seems to be getting a lot more expensive now

My holiday was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud. Resorthoppa refunded the outward fare I had paid in advance but said I couldn't be refunded for the return as the flight restrictions had been lifted on the day of my return. When I explained that I wasn't on holiday to get the return they simply stated it was their policy. I had even contacted them in advance to cancel both journeys so no excuses. I have continually e-mailed to get a satisfactory response but most e-mails go un-answered. In my opinion avoid them like the plague. Very poor customer services and in the event of a cancelled holiday/flight you will be lucky to get a refund. Rubbish and never to be used again. I am posting here and everywhere I can think of as retribution for such a poor service.

I booked resorthoppa transfers ( through travelrepublic as it was significantly cheaper).
My trip was cancelled due to volcanic ash. Travelrepublic refunded the accomodation ( apart from the first night). They did not refund any of the money for transfers.
The much criticised Ryanair refunded the full cost of the flights ( including the return flight - which was not cancelled).
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