Save up to £250 on Ski/Snowboard Holidays
Save up to £250 on Ski/Snowboard Holidays

Save up to £250 on Ski/Snowboard Holidays

I've just learnt how to Ski and was looking for cheap holidays. However you can only book through STA Travel if you are under 26 years or if you are a student.

It's great for those last minute getaways but if you've already had enough snow for the year, it's not for you!


great find

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thanks - not bad for my first post :-D

[COLOR="Blue"]You forgot to state that STA deals are for Students OVER THE AGE OF 18, and under 26, and who have an International Students Identity Card (ISIC), also for others, over 18 and under 26 who have an International Youth Identity Card, and for teachers, lecturers, full time or part time of any age, who have an International Teachers Identity Card, . All these cards can be obtained via the STA website or in person from any of their offices in the UK or around the world.Cost in the UK is £9, and the card is valid for 1 year from date of issue. It needs a passport size photo, but they have cleverly designed it so you can add the photo yourself, and seal it without any tools in about 2 minutes.
STA have some good deals all the year round and from time to time have discount vouchers too.I just got a dirt cheap ticket to Beijing on Emirates, and got another £30 off it with an STA voucher.Unfortunately for others, those vouchers expired 31st May, but there will be others to look out for. [/COLOR]
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