Save up to 50% off BBC Boxsets at the BBC Shop online
Save up to 50% off BBC Boxsets at the BBC Shop online

Save up to 50% off BBC Boxsets at the BBC Shop online

Some examples:
The Michael Palin Collection was £79.99 now £39.99
Blackadder complete collection was £59.99 now £34.99
Catherine Tate: Series 1 & 2 was £29.99 now £16.49
Ultimate Drama Collection was £314.93 now £199.99


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Why has someone voted this cold? The BBC have reduced a lot of their boxsets and if you hunt through them I think there are some good prices. :-(

There's not a problem with using the cold button, but it would be nice to get feedback on the reasons why. So please leave a reply in the threads where the cold vote is ued... Thanks!

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Thanks for the post NorthernGirl Strangely you can buy most BBC box sets a bit cheaper elsewhere I think. That could be why the negative vote?

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Thanks Rayman - I agree all constructive criticism appreciated - but if people vote cold without saying why it's hard to know how to improve!

And yes, on the whole the BBC Shop isn't good value - but with this sale I think there are bargains to be had, so long as people double check elsewhere first.:thumbsup:

Yup we have the same position don't worry NorthernGirl, there's a reason for the cold button but at the same time this is a board for sharing so if people use it it is best if they say why so we can find the better deal!

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I've had another look at what the BBC Shop are offering - and compared prices. In quite a few cases they are the cheapest however they aren't when you add in their delivery charge.:oops:

But the BBC Shop have a flat delivery charge of £2.45 irrespective of how many items you order - so if you want to buy quite a few the delivery charge doesn't have such an impact and it will work out cheaper. :thumbsup: A good place to check is find-dvd.co.uk.

Some other boxsets that I've spotted:
Cutting It Series 1-4 £32.99, cheapest elsewhere The Hut £33.89
David Attenborough: The Life Collection £97.99, cheapest elsewhere The Hut £116.89
This Life series 1 & 2 £32.49, cheapest elswhere Amazon £34.99
Ultimate Ronnie Barker £64.99, cheapest elsewhere sendit.com £65.89
The Office: Complete Box Set (Series 1 - 2 plus Christmas Specials) £25.99, cheapest elsewhere HMV £26.99

So, my conclusion is: if the BBC drop their delivery charge they'd be on to a winner (or does anyone have a free delivery voucher?:) )- otherwise, with the exception of the Attenborough boxset any saving is obliterated - unless you buy several boxsets in one order.:o

Thanks for the extra info Yeah, buy more to wipe out the delivery charge and earn 7.5% cashback too...

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Another boxset that's cheaper at the BBC shop than anywhere else right now is the preorder of Little Britain series 1 - 3.

RRP £39.99
BBC Shop Price £25.99 + delivery = £28.44

The next cheapest is Foxy at £28.45

The Michael Palin Collection was £79.99 now £39.99
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