Save up to 50% with the BT Shop Sale
Save up to 50% with the BT Shop Sale

Save up to 50% with the BT Shop Sale

BT Prelude 20 Bluetooth Headset: was: £19.99 Now: £9.99
Rio Karma 20GB - digital music player: was: £149.99 Now: £99.99
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Thanks toplch, I've just been checking it out to see if there are any bargains

Spotted this for #4.99, just a shame about the #5.99 delivery charge.


Thanks for this :santa:

Don't forget QuidCo cashback :santa:

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My pleasure. And it would become free delivery if you spend more than 89.99 GBP.

Was intrested in one of there basic package alarm systems, but thought £200 was a little bit to much considering PC World were selling them for half that. However, in the BT sale you can get the better kitted out version for £100 so including free delivery, along with quidco and at least one of the vouchers work as well for an extra £10 off. Happy Days. Glad I waited now. Hope this helps somebody else.


I'm really tempted by that Rio Karma, never seen anywhere selling them brand new (paid £60 for my refurbished one and I'm the second owner (since it was refurb'd).
Can't afford it though

If anyone's looking for a stunning value MP3 player with better sound quality (and a more powerful amp) than the iPod, that plays more formats and most importantly lets you create playlists on the go (you'll wonder how you lived without this feature once you've got it!), go for it!

Hmm im after the 1200 twin pack of phones for £69.99 and it says free delivery but its trying to charge me £6 delivery :?



Free delivery is for orders of £89.99 or over.



Free delivery is for orders of £89.99 or over.:santa:

Yes i know but it said "Free Delivery" under the price earlier, they have now changed it
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