Save up to 60% on Beds, Mattresses & Furniture: The Big Dreams Beds Sale - Online NOW

Save up to 60% on Beds, Mattresses & Furniture: The Big Dreams Beds Sale - Online NOW

Found 23rd Dec 2013
Dreams Beds have started their online Christmas sale early! As seen on tv and in the papers. Save up to 60% on beds, mattresses & furniture. The sale went live online today and the in-store sale starts on Boxing Day.

Includes free delivery over £199.

Quidco is offering 5% cashback. Nice!
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Oh yes the Dreams sale!
Dreams are a bunch of cowboys, don't touch that tat, we learned the hard way
Totally agree with Lilly123. Had a dreadful experience with them a year ago when they delivered a double mattress to go with a single bed. Idiots. World's worst customer service. Avoid!!!
No company has 100% Customer Service and everyone has been on the end of bad service, I try not to let that dictate my life though.

I have dealt with companies that have excellent customer service- I'm aware that everyone's experiences are different. Maybe I was unlucky when I rang and tried to deal with someone who didn't't care, and when I went into the store and tried to get a replacement from the man who sold it to me to be told no they wouldn't't help me, they refused to phone or email customer services as it is against company policy and then rang them on behalf of another customer in front of me, then I personally would rather go elsewhere next time. Just trying to warn others, but hey, good luck to anyone who buys from them.
The way you have to be with some off these instore staff at most places is you have be beyond curtious and sympathetic to there miserable job they are forced to work. The staff in most shops these days are miserable gits who seem to think they are right. Just look at all the sad faces in Tesco. Puts me right off sometimes.
Where to begin?

60% off? Don't make me laugh. In the retail industry, particularly furniture retail, there is a practice known as price establishment.

The way this works for Dreams and DFS etc is to have two near as dammit identical specification products with slightly, VERY slightly, different looks, and a different name, and sell one at say a £1000 for a month or two, whilst selling the near identical model for say £400, hence 60% off.

Occasional the prices swap over, Dreams call this practice 8 to rotate. Only the mattresses change, the bases for the beds are the same, also there were far more than 8 models involved usually. If you ask in a Dreams store the salesperson will know what you are talking about! Don't ask them if the £400 bed was really a £1000, tell them you think you saw the £1000 one for £400 a few weeks ago but it was near the front of the store. The answer "When they're gone, they're gone, so you better order now before this one goes up to £1000...."

I will also point out that increasingly Dreams are producing their own products, and these are vastly inferior to brands such as Sleepeezzee who used to be one of their main stockists. Also that since their administration at the start of this year, many of the major manufacturers are hesitant to deal with the company, so lead times are not to be trusted.

Anyway, the real cost of the product really IS £400, although you can probably find a similar spec product cheaper from an independent retailer anyways. Price establishment in larger stores such as Dreams and DFS are why the 'sale' never ends....

As for the customer services department for Dreams, I am told there is no longer one, and that the store manager has responsibility for ordering replacements and spares etc. Next time, put your foot down and demand action and refuse to leave the store until the issue is resolved. Best time to do this is usually when the store is likely to be busiest, so anytime in January (because, believe it or not, some people still think January sales exist) or on a Saturday, early afternoon. Don't waste your breath complaining to anyone over the phone, ever, go into the store and speak directly to the manager, if he is not there speak to the assistant manager same applies.

Edited by: "Delbhoy1967" 24th Dec 2013
Delbhoy. You seem bitter! I get the point about price establishment all retailers do it - that's how sales work. I am sure most fellow hotukdealers get that. The question is are the beds good value??? That decision can only be made by judging each individual offer on its merits.

Your point about customer service is way off the mark. I had great service from Dreams recently. So does "my stone blunt your scissors"!! The point is two sample sales dont prove a company is good or bad - before I bought from Dreams I looked at Trust pilot.... there are a mixture of reviews for Dreams, but clearly you can see they do have a customer service team, who do care, and do respond. It bugs me when posters get the facts wrong.
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