Save up to £600 with our free shower smart giveaway!
Save up to £600 with our free shower smart giveaway!

Save up to £600 with our free shower smart giveaway!

Save water and money on your household energy bill
As part of the Government's commitment to reduce the amount of energy we use, eaga have been working with energy suppliers and are able to offer each household in Great Britain a free eaga ShowerSmart.

* ShowerSmart regulates the water flow, saving water and money on your household energy bill.
* Save up to £600 over the product's lifetime
* Save up to £20 on your energy bills per year*
* Save up to £20 on your water meter, per year*
* 15 Year manufacturer's guarantee
* Easy self-installation
* Suitable for use with non-electric mixer showers or bath/shower mixer taps, provided they run off the mains water pressure
* *Based on a 2-person household.

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thank you


how does it work?


how does it work?

It slows down the water flow and so you use less water. Since less water is used it also means less water needs to be heated, so it should help with your power bills too.

I have one from last time the offer was on. Easy to fit, just screw onto the valve before the shower hose. I noticed the reduced flow of water but there is still plenty going through for a decent shower.
Hot from me!

Its only for non electric showers btw

I have a non-electric shower mains pressure shower attached to a mixer tap, will the eaga ShowerSmart work.

Yes, the eaga ShowerSmart is suitable for all non-electric showers and regulates the flow rate of the shower to 7.8 litres per minute.

I have an electric shower can I still use an eaga ShowerSmart?

No. An eaga ShowerSmart is not compatible with electric showers, showers with multiple jets or rainwater showers

Will vote hot - but 56 days delivery!

USELESS JUNK - Turn your shower down or bung it up with dirt does the same

My DP's a plumber & I just asked him if they were any good. He said he hadn't come across one before & he said there's no point cos we don't use the shower (we bath).
Then I said that I use it to wash my hair sometimes but I have to turn it down cos the water pressure is too high - to which he replied 'well then, we don't need one cos you already turn the shower down & use less water' - dur!


I got one and found it to be pretty useless so threw it away. I wonder how much the government pay for each one?

Thank you

Just arrived this morning

Just seen this here, i added this same thing this morning - the link on this appears to be dead though, here is the one I used that works -

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