Save upto 35% at UK Intercontinental Group Hotels (Holiday Inn, etc) plus possible 7% Quidco

Save upto 35% at UK Intercontinental Group Hotels (Holiday Inn, etc) plus possible 7% Quidco

Found 23rd Apr 2009
Not sure if the Quidco will work for all, but the money has tracked for me already (after you have completed your stay).

Go through Quidco, search for Intercontinental Group Hotels and click on their link.

When the Holiday Inn Home Page pops open, manually change the address to…eld.
and search for your required booking.

On the front page of their site it does say this is for 'weekend stays', but I've done a couple of searches and it definately gives a discount for midweek too.

The discounts seem to be 25% of midweek stays and 35% off weekend stays. The offer claims it's available at over 200 of the Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn and Express Hotels.

It looks like this runs right up to 31st December 2009.
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This deal is red hot :oops: We stay regular at Walsall and Redditch and using this way saves about £10 a night. Voted HOT!!!!!!!!!!!:gift:
just getting the same price when i go through the normal website
Me too. Closed browser, deleted files and cookies and tried again and got a statement saying "the requested rate is not available" so I guess the ones we're looking at just aren't included in the offer. An alternative was showing at a fab £41 but bit too far away from where we need to be. Worth trying though and hot for some.
Great find, thanks!
H & R added/
Maybe add it is UK only in the original post .... I was hoping as it was Intercontinental group that it would be at least Europe wide.
Is breakfast included?

Is breakfast included?

Only with Holiday Inn Express
breakfast depends on the rate, there is usually a breakfast rate available and its normally a good breakfast
Just booked Reditch for tomorrow - Thanks, saved about £12
Booked Aberdeen for June - Hot as saved at least £12 a night (£44.00 a night for a double room)

Doesn't work for any of the US destinations I tried.
Thanks Trickyjabs

Have just booked a hotel in London for tomorrow night. Non-deal price £150, deal price £103. :thumbsup:
Booked one night near St Albans for just over £30. Very good price for a Sunday night stay over a Bank Holiday weekend. Good find, thanks!
MAJOR kudos to the OP. Had a 2 night stay in York - discount worked for both Sat&Sun night. Excellent - saved me a fair few quid! CHEERS.
jus got back fro walsall holiday inn.. FAB got brekky for all four of us included in 32 quid!! they did reserve/hold 50quid on card but they charge £32 u on departure after ensuring u not clocked up any porno bills etc!!!
Thanks for this - just saved me £16+ on a mid-week booking :thumbsup:
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