Save upto 50% on various supplements and sports nutrition @ SuperFit
Save upto 50% on various supplements and sports nutrition @ SuperFit

Save upto 50% on various supplements and sports nutrition @ SuperFit

SuperFit are offering discounts on a lot of their leading supplements and sports nutrition, with upto 50% off.

Some highlights are:

Pure Whey - ProLab - 2.27kg (5.0lb): £24.99 (half price) or £45.98 for two.
90+ Protein - Nutrisport - 5kg (11.0lb): £43.99 (35% off) or £83.98 for two.

Post any others that stick out as much cheaper than elsewhere in the thread. :o)


isnt this the same thing:
if yes, its a good price too i think

how long you go for with a KG pack btw?


isnt this the same … isnt this the same thing:http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=100

sort of except is more expensive per kilo, tastes disgusting and mixes poorly!
no idea about OP stuff but true whey from myprotein is nice (choc mint+rasp especially - vanilla is naff though)
edit: slightly more expensive than this ofc but at least i know its tasty toffee and cookie flavours new on me too!

(volcom: a kilo pack lasts 1 month max and as little as a week depending on usage)

Good price, but certainly not 50% off. That stuff usually goes for about £30-35 per 5lb tub.

8% quidco through quidco too!
ok im gonna get one

90+ Protein - Nutrisport.:thinking:
Maby Im wrong but how can you get 90g protien out of a 50g serving?
Still not a bad price


8% quidco through quidco too!ok im gonna get onethanks

i'd still go for myprotein - 5% referral codes all over their site for first order which earn the person a few pence too.

666FU - must be magic or else they mean there are 50 servings
way too big a serving size though so would last longer

Oh and you can find every item on that special offer list they have cheaper if you look around the online supplement stores

Cheaper at discount supplements for 2, same price for 1 + Free Shaker


Don't be fooled by the 50% off, I have never seen gym supplements at full RRP, they should show the discount of what price they usually sell the stuff for
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