#savefabric 111 Track Compilation. A-Z of dance music in one download, all proceeds towards re-opening the club! £8.89 @ Amazon

#savefabric 111 Track Compilation. A-Z of dance music in one download, all proceeds towards re-opening the club! £8.89 @ Amazon

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111 tracks! A massive comp from a who's who of the dance music industry with all profits going to support fabrics fight to re-open.

Not only is it a great cause for music culture, its also an amazing deal with all the tracks being exclusive and costing less than £0.09 each!

Available from:

Amazon: £8.89

Fabric Direct: £9.99

Bandcamp £9.99

iTunes: £10.99

Google Play: £10.99

Full blurb below and full track list in the first comment - please support, even if only by clicking hot

Artist: Various
Title: #savefabric
Label: fabric Records & Houndstooth
Date: 04th November 2016
Cat.#: FABHTH001
Format: 111 track - Digital Compilation

The closure of fabric has seen a reaction that has been completely humbling and overwhelming to all of us on the team here, from over 150,000 signing a petition of support to raising in excess of £300,000 in donations to help our legal fight.

Support has come from every corner of the industry, with fundraising events at a number of different venues being held up and down the UK. This response perfectly encapsulates everything the electronic music community represents.

Both fabric Records and our artist led label Houndstooth decided a release that embodies this spirit would be a further powerful way to demonstrate the collective power of our community. We asked artists associated with both labels to donate a track to the cause, needing to act fast we gave a deadline of just 3 weeks in total, from inception to final master. The brief was simple, we asked for a previously unreleased track, either brand new or an alternative version of an old classic.

The response has been far greater than we could have ever anticipated, with an array of amazing artists delivering stunning tracks. Given this generosity every track that has been submitted is featured on the release, meaning an incredible 111 tracks make up the final running order, presented in alphabetical order.

Due to touring and time constraints many more artists could and would have like to have been involved, and we can’t give enough thanks to all the labels that have generously allowed their artists to contribute.

In the era of the playlist, this compilation represents a comprehensive overview of electronic music from the outer fringes of experimental explorations right through to music aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Ahead of the court date which will determine the long term future of fabric nightclub we’d like to present this compilation as a document of this moment in time but also as the perfect embodiment of everything fabric and Houndstooth stand for.

FABHTH001. ℗ & © 2016 fabric Records / Houndstooth. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by fabric Records / Houndstooth.



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01 _Unsubscribe_ - FFS, R (Loop Mix)
02 µ-Ziq - Bumshit (Vox)
03 18+ - Holes
04 2020 Soundsystem - No Order (Ralph Lawson & Rui-Z Remix)
05 A Short Run (Feat. Howie B & Craig Richards) - Stasha
06 Abul Mogard - Patterns Of Our Own Times
07 Addison Groove - Equal Lies
08 Agoria – Tribute
09 Akkord - Scalar Wave
10 Ali B Feat. Afrika Baby Bam - The Music Saves Me
11 Appleblim - Fabrication
12 Audion - Fun House
13 Broken English Club - The Gentle Art of Murder
14 Bruce - Cables
15 C.A.R. - Voodoo Moon (Thomas Von Party Cover)
16 Calyx & Teebee - Loose Ends
17 Caspa & Rusko - Ravers Tears
18 Clams Casino - Time
19 Clark - Shadow Banger
20 Coldcut Feat. Roses Gabor - Donald's Wig
21 Cosmin TRG - Dens
22 Curses - A Face In Smoke
23 Dasha Rush - Sweet Monster
24 dBridge - Modern Submission
25 DJ Tennis - Magrelian
26 Dominowe (Gqom Oh!) - Just Dance
27 Dub Phizix - Beatroot
28 Dusk & Blackdown - 110 not out (2011)
29 Dusky & Todd Edwards - Holiday In Holloway
30 Enei & Kasra - Basic Instinct
31 Exercise One - All These People
32 Fake Blood - Reflections
33 FiS - DMT Usher VIP
34 Future Beat Alliance - Sleaze Bag
35 Guy Andrews - Procession
36 Hamid - Untitled 02
37 Heartthrob - Scott's Teats
38 House of Black Lanterns – Lost
39 Howie B - Space Trip
40 Ikonika - Miracle Whip
41 IVVVO & Aïsha Devi - Eros Plexus
42 Jesse Rose - Suck It And See
43 John Tejada - Ucbtron
44 Justin Drake, Lil Mark and Matt Tolfrey - Freedom
45 Kangding Ray - Summerend
46 Kate Simko ft. Amunet Shah - All Heart
47 Kirk Degiorgio - Shadow Of A Solitary Being
48 Kiwi – Throw Down (Latin Freestyle Radio Edit)
49 Kuedo – Bismuth
50 Lakker – Tuc Tuc
51 Laura Jones & Karousel - Find A Way
52 Letherette - Stabz
53 Lucy - The Juggler
54 M.A.N.D.Y. - Bedford And Berry
55 Machinedrum - Stronga
56 Marc Houle - Broken Wing
57 Marquis Hawkes - Redemption Radio
58 Masters of Disasters - The Church Of The Many
59 Mathew Jonson - Decompression (MJ Ghost Force 12” Remix)
60 Matthew Styles & s:vt - Machine Life
61 Max Cooper, Satirist - Grit
62 Michael Mayer - Auld Lang Synewave
63 Mike Shannon Feat. Dave Aju and the LCC All Stars - Can’t Take My Love Away
64 Mr C - Stand Up (Club Mix)
65 Mr Jones - Heavy Eyes
66 Mumdance & Logos - Return Of The Room 2 Lazer
67 Nathan Fake - Laluna
68 Neville Watson - Fight On
69 Nightwave – Speakeasy
70 October - Anna's Acid Hour
71 Om Unit - Pop Lockin' Hieroglyphs
72 Optical - Shape The Future VIP
73 Overmono - U-Plastics
74 Paleman - Sore
75 Paula Temple - You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body (Live At Moogfest)
76 Perc - Foto Real
77 Peter Van Hoesen - Into A Fortification
78 Pinch – Skylines
79 Planetary Assault Systems - Twelve (L.B. Dub Corp Meets PAS Rework)
80 Radioactive Man - Craig's Trousers Flap In The Bass Wind
81 Roger van Lunteren - Hills, I Want You (Gerd Janson Edit)
82 Roman Flügel - Jam The Jam
83 Route 94 - fabric
84 Rrose - Glands
85 Second Storey - The Last Record
86 Shackleton - The Stitch Up
87 Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo - Clouds
88 Sherwood & Pinch - Retribution
89 Shift Work - LA (S.L.O.W.) (Health & Safety Mix)
90 Simian Mobile Disco - Balloon Takes A Holiday
91 Skream - Munk
92 Slam - Government Problem
93 Smagghe & Cross - Sam & Jen
94 Snow Ghosts – A Moment
95 Soft as Snow - I Adore (Troy Gunner Remix)
96 South London Ordnance - Arc
97 Special Request - Requiem
98 Stanton Warriors & Cause n Affect Feat. Janai - Never Let It Go (VIP Mix)
99 Sunset Graves - Dead City Hymn
100 Tasha - Lost and Found
101 t q d - Vibsing Ting
102 Terry Francis - The Answer
103 The Mole - Glide Down
104 Throwing Snow - One For The Booth
105 Tiefschwarz - Wegekuckuck
106 Tom Demac – Unchained
107 Trevino - Fractured
108 Tuff City Kids - Edlost
109 Untold - This Is How I
110 Vatican Shadow & Telefon Tel Aviv - Rejoice
111 Vex'd - Gravity (2004)

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Donated £30 already (did get a T-Shirt, but the logo was well off centre) the main thing is supporting the scene! Go cop that




i'd also like to know this.


Judging by the durations on the tracklist, I believe it is unmixed.

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Unmixed - full tracks in an alphabetical playlist

Voted hot.

*BUT currently £8.89 @ amazon. (please update your post to include)

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Voted hot. *BUT currently £8.89 @ amazon. (please update your post … Voted hot. *BUT currently £8.89 @ amazon. (please update your post to include)https://www.amazon.co.uk/savefabric-Explicit-Various-artists/dp/B01MD1D8KF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478278521&sr=8-1&keywords=%23savefabric

Well spotted - updated the title and the link in the description, but I can't stop the actual deal link going to Bandcamp at this point... if a mod stops by then feel free to edit!

Even hotter!

Yes, support the battle with Islington council. Support the battle to save one of the best uk clubs of the past 20 years. Had some amazing nights in there. Bought.

god I hope they reopen fabric, had some of the best nights of my life there and made some friends for life

How will money overturn the decision to shut the club?

Hate to say it, but I've spent many a night at fabric, and while it's great, there's ALWAYS been a hell of a load of md there.

Don't see any Donna Summer! oO

Don't see names of anyone I have heard of!


Hate to say it, but I've spent many a night at fabric, and while it's … Hate to say it, but I've spent many a night at fabric, and while it's great, there's ALWAYS been a hell of a load of md there.

This simply moves the problem somewhere else then, it doesn't stop it happening. A real uk drug education policy is what is needed, not this disguised excuse for gentrification.

I've been in there once and I have to say it wasn't the greatest night I have ever had. I went there with my girlfriend and we were both frisked, bordering on being indecent before entering the club. And the club seemed very seedy and full of people off their head on drugs and the music was shocking. That being said if it was refurbished and sorted out its image, and the drug situation then I'm sure it would do well and be better than a load more housing.


How will money overturn the decision to shut the club?

​your money goes towards the campaign costs. publicising, solicitors etc... all cost money

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CD version could be on the way if these is enough support:

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