Savers XLS Medical Fat Binders 120 for £19.99 saving £28

Savers XLS Medical Fat Binders 120 for £19.99 saving £28

Found 6th Mar 2015
For all the fans of these XLS Fatbinders an amazing saving of £28 in Savers.
I do have friends who swear by these. The key I have been told is to drink lots of water.
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"Potential side-effects: If you eat a high-fat meal you may suffer profuse, oily ­diarrhoea with no warning."

What's not to like!
do these actually work
Sounds like it! Just not in a very pleasant way.

Think it makes the consequences of eating fatty food so dreadful that you don't. So you could save your money and just eat less fatty food.
Can't understand why anyone would pay this much for such a thing, anyone who is in the overweight or obese bracket and wants to try these can get orlistat on a prescription from the docs. And as long as you lose some weight each month they will be happy to repeat the prescription.

I can talk from experience, I lost 8 stone in 9 months using these and a diet loosely based on weight watchers pro points (which is basically a diet of 1200 calories and as much fruit as you want) a few years ago.

do these actually work

Apparently yes they do. But if you eat fat it will leak out of your bum. It doesnt get digested, it goes through your system. A friend of mine used it.

It isnt really hard to take fat out of your diet... Its the carbs which is tough.
I used to get this on prescription.... didnt work!
This is good but orlistat better lost 8 pounds in 11 days so far on orlistat no side effects either
I can say from experience that these only work if you are following a diet. if you eat anything fatty, it's going to come out. I used to work in a supermarket and a lady lost control whilst trying to pay for her shopping...I really think these should be used with caution..
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