Savile Row CLEARANCE Sale
Savile Row CLEARANCE Sale

Savile Row CLEARANCE Sale

Savile Row is the home of fine tailoring and in particular stunning mens suits. At the Savile Row Company we have been creating masterpiece garments for 78 years developing with the market; following and leading new trends. Here we have a selection of our previous seasons suits at a tiny fraction of their original price if you want an outstanding deal then look no further. Personally finished Savile Row suits hemmed to your individual leg length and jackets chosen according to your chest size, all for a tiny amount.


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My first post!

This is Men's AND Women's - although not a great deal left.
Not just suits - look at the left hand menu and you will see a choice of garments under the clearance section,

Some lovely suits but unless your an obese dwarf, or a lanky 6ft+ er it's hard to find decent size pairings on jacket/trousers. Can't really be tailored having certain sizes only - it's simply premade, so no better than Marks and Spencer on that basis.
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