Saving Private Ryan - Blu Ray - ASDA Instore £7

Saving Private Ryan - Blu Ray - ASDA Instore £7

Found 18th Jul 2011
ASDA at Monks Cross, York had this for £7.
Don't think i've seen it at this price before as it rarely goes for less than a tenner.

Extra features include:

An Introduction with Steven Spielberg
Looking into the Past
Miller and his Platoon
Boot Camp
Making Saving Private Ryan
Re-Creating Omaha Beach
Music and Sound
Parting Thoughts
Into the Breach: Saving Private Ryan
Theatrical Trailer (HD)
Re-Release Trailer (HD)
Shooting War
WWII combat photographers hosted by Tom Hanks
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Had another watch of some of this a few nights ago and noticed Nathan Fillion and Paul Giamatti in there. Funny who you notice in a film from before they gained fame when you rewatch.
The beach scene sounds fantastic in DTS-HD MA.
Preferred the sequel!

Shaving Ryans privates!!!!

18 + for some reason. oO

Preferred the sequel!Shaving Ryans privates!!!!18 + for some reason. oO

Is there a beach scene in that one?
does this have anymore extras that the dvd doesnt?
excellent price, 2 disc version too if it matters

plenty of other titles too
great price! but is it not online?
This is ironic. Just watched it after I got it in a 2 for £14 deal from Asda website. Have to say, though SPR is highly overrated, watching it with top quality headphones pumped up to the max makes the battle scenes one of the most stunning experiences I've ever had watching a film. The sound is incredible! Shame the mid-section melodrama almost grinds it to a halt and Spielberg has no idea how to direct actors or extras, but he certainly knows how to direct action and for that I'd say anyone getting this for £7 (even just for the battle scenes) is one lucky so-and-so. It's never usually this cheap (not without codes, anyway) and I don't think you'll find it this price on its own for a very, very long time.

PQ = 10/10
SQ = 10/10
Film = 7/10

plenty of other titles too

for example?

for example?

I saw Star Trek, Shutter Island, Hurt Locker and The Social Network amongst others this morning.
definitely good ones! thanks
great film but am i the only one who thinks that tom hanks acting is poor in this? its like he was trying too hard
got my free copy today (thanks asda!). thats because i tried to buy it in the 2 for £14 deal but the discount didnt come off, so i rang them and they gave me e-wallet credit of the difference, which was £23 (i wanted 4 blurays). so instead used it to get this for free and preordered Hanna Steelbook for £4 (cant wait to watch that film).

will watch this movie for the first time soon im sure - i was a bit dissapointed it didnt have any slipcase like pics online suggested.

for example?

Also noticed both Transformers films for 7 quid each.
and the tourist
excellent thank you!

got it together with Dark knight
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