Saving Private Ryan (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ !

Saving Private Ryan (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ !

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Saving Private Ryan (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ !

Review : Seen through the eyes of a squad of American soldiers, the story begins with World War II's historic D-Day invasion, then moves beyond the beach as the men embark on a dangerous special mission. Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) must take his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Faced with impossible odds, the men question their orders. Why are eight men risking their lives to save just one? Surrounded by the brutal realities of war, each man searches for his own answer - and the strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honour, decency and courage.


One of the best films I've seen. Voted hot! Ordered too.

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Since its release in 1998, Steven Spielberg's D-Day drama Saving Private Ryan has become hugely influential: everything, from the opening sequence of Gladiator ("Saving Marcus Aurelius") to the marvellous 10-hour TV series Band of Brothers, has been made in its shadow. There have been many previous attempts to recreate the D-Day landings on screen but thanks to Spielberg's freewheeling hand-held camerawork, Ryan was the first time an audience really felt like they were there, storming up Omaha Beach in the face of withering enemy fire.

After the indelible opening sequence, however, the film is not without problems. The story, though based on an American Civil War incident, feels like it was concocted simply to fuel Spielberg's sentimental streak. In standard Hollywood fashion the Germans remain a faceless foe (with the exception of one charmless character who turns out to be both a coward and a turncoat); and the Tom Hanks-led platoon consists of far too many stereotypes: the doughty Sergeant; the thick-necked Private; the Southern man religious sniper; the cowardly Corporal. Matt Damon seems improbably clean-cut as the titular Private in need of rescue (though that may well be the point); and why do they all run straight up that hill towards an enemy machine gun post anyway? Some non-US critics have complained that Ryan portrays only the American D-Day experience, but it is an American film made and financed by Americans after all. Accepting both its relatively narrow remit and its lachrymose inclinations, Saving Private Ryan deserves its place in the pantheon of great war pictures.

Ordered! Thanks.

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One of the best films I've seen. Voted hot! Ordered too.

Why did you order 2?!?:giggle:


Why did you order 2?!?:giggle:

I had to look at that twice then! :thinking:

Already have the film, but it's a must-have addition to any collection. Great soundtrack, although I would like to hear the DTS one to compare.

Well worth three quid of anybodies money.


does anyone know if this contains the deleted scenes?

The start has to be the one of the most intense moments of any film ever.
The way spielberg deliberatley let the cameraman do what he wanted made it feel like you were looking at the beahc from the eyes of one of the soldiers!

Great film. The DTS version is very good, but not as epic as I was expecting considering all the hype surrounding it. Unsure whether the D Day version uses a superior video transfer too though. But hey, that's not £2.99

This is my favorite film, got it on vhs, ordering now on dvd:)

Cheers mate - Ordered mine!

Was about to post this lol, currently out of stock

Voted Hot + Rep Given!


In stock again, great price edi!

Thanks Edi..another good find

Already got this on DVD, and a great film.

Personally however, I did prefer Shaving Ryan's Privates...............!


great price thanks edi

Can't believe you allow Saving Ryan's Privates on a family forum...........

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