Saw: Uncut DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + 10% Quidco and Student Discount
Saw: Uncut DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + 10% Quidco and Student Discount

Saw: Uncut DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + 10% Quidco and Student Discount

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Awakening from a drugged stupor, Dr Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) finds himself chained to a pipe in a dingy bathroom, with another man (Leigh Whannell) in the situation across the room. The men are the latest victims of the Jigsaw Killer, a maniac who uses elaborate traps to test his victims' dedication to life. Given six hours, a hacksaw, and a bullet, Dr. Gordon tries to figure out a way to freedom, hoping his kidnapped family (including Monica Potter) can survive the nightmare as well. Hot on the Jigsaw's trail is Detective David Tapp (Danny Glover), an equally as insane cop who was once the victim of the Jigsaw's evil scheme.

HMV DVD Editor

There can't be many things worse than waking up in a filthy bathroom and realising that you've been kidnapped and chained to a pipe. How about realising that there's another person in the same predicament on the other side of the room, a dead man in the middle, and a tape with your name on it in your pocket? No, it's going to get a lot worse when you figure out what that saw is for. Saw is a rare thing in modern cinema: a horror/thriller that is genuinely inventive, gruesome without relying on it's gore and blessed with the mother of all twists. If you're in the mood for a good whodunit, then Saw is for you, as solving the Jigsaw's riddle is nigh-on impossible.

Definitely not for the squeamish, there are many moments that even hardened gore addicts will want to look away from. Inspired set pieces, a complex plot and some truly horrific methods of torture combine to make Saw an utterly must-see movie.

Rich Webber, HMV

DVD Information
UK Theatrical Cut - Features 2 Minutes Of Extra Footage Not Featured In The USA Theatrical Cut
Special Features
Sawed Off - Featurette
'Bite The Hand That Bleeds' Music Video By Fear Factory
Unrated Version Of The Music Video
Making Of The Music Video
Widescreen 1.78:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Region 2 / PAL / Colour
Running Time Approx 100 Mins


Great film


Great film

Terrible film! But cheap for those with no taste so voted hot
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