Saw/Dawn Of The Dead/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre £3.97 !

Saw/Dawn Of The Dead/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre £3.97 !

Found 5th Apr 2007Made hot 5th Apr 2007
Saw/Dawn Of The Dead/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD pack are only £3.97 delivered from The hut! You can also get 7% quidco cashback!!

Details: This tense psychological thriller is the directorial debut for James Wan, and the first screenplay written by actor Leigh Wannell, who also stars. Two men, Adam (Whannell) and Dr Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), wake up to find themselves chained to pipes in a room they have never seen before. Between them lies the dead body of a man with apparently self-inflicted gunshot wounds. As they begin to piece together the circumstances that led to their predicament, the pair realise they are the latest victims of a serial killer known as the Jigsaw, who orchestrates situations in which his captors will be driven to kill each other. They also learn that the killer has taken Gordon's family hostage. How can the men possibly outwit this sadistic psychopath in time to save themselves and the hostages?

'Dawn of the Dead' (2004) is a modern re-telling of George A. Romero's 1979 horror classic, and is the debut feature for director Zack Snyder. Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames star as Ana and Kenneth, two of the last remaining people on earth after the human race has been decimated by flesh-eating zombies. The two find temporary shelter with a few other survivors in an abandoned shopping mall, but their situation becomes increasingly precarious as they run out of food and power and the dead start to break through their defences. They realise their only hope of survival is to escape to an island that remains zombie-free - but how can they possibly find a way to reach it?

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (2003) is a noughties re-make of Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic horror film, based on the Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein. Whilst on a road-trip through Texas, a group of teenagers pick up a hitchhiker on her way to to score some dope in Mexico. The kids decide to go with her but on their way through a small town in Travis County they come across another girl covered in blood and seemingly traumatised by some horrific event. The teenagers soon find themselves inadvertedly involved with a family of murderous cannibals and chased by Leatherface, a chainsaw wielding madman.


Not bad... not bad at all

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It would be a nice horror boxset to sit and watch all in one go, with your mates, with the lights out, and 2 metric tonnes of cider/popcorn (either/or)

Great price emma, just ordered voted hot, thanks

Incredible price! Thanks a lot! Voted HOT!!

It's £10 more going through this ]Link


It's £10 more going through this ]Link

Wrong set, that's Saw/UNDERWORLD/Dawn of the Dead

nice, i was thinking that price was each.

Awesome price.

Saw is a REALLY good film and Texas Chainsaw and Dawn Of The Dead are quite good.

Definately worth it at that price.

Don't know if it will matter, but I ordered this from HMV in October or so. They ended up cancelling it in January saying that they couldn't get hold of it any more.

Edit: It was on ]http//ww…299

Thanks for this emma, have ordered

just put my order in even though i seen 2 of the movies

May be worth trying to order a copy through Asda website too. Have sometimes found the Hut refuses to send misprices but Asda have honoured them. Don't know why as it is obviously the same distributor.


Thanks emma, excellent price for the set! :thumbsup:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awesome. I actually prefer it to the original version.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awesome. I actually prefer it to the original … Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awesome. I actually prefer it to the original version.

you got same taste as me, i like the remake not the original also


Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awesome. I actually prefer it to the original … Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awesome. I actually prefer it to the original version.

Watched the new one last week, TCM - The Beginning - Absolutely brilliant

Also, Saw III - Excellent

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I haven't seen any of the Saw movies yet... might have to catch them sometime soon

Got an email the other day.... 2-4 weeks for delivery!!!!

Despatch Date - Est: 15/05/2007 :?

I ordered this at HMV over 6months ago. After 5months they cancelled saying that they couldnt get stock.

I really wouldnt expect this to arrive TBH

this will probably end up happening to us also.....the order getting cancelled

Looks like it'll be free with the mail on sunday by the time the Hut get it!

It's on ]Amazon for £17.99 and Availability: Usually dispatched within 4 to 7 weeks

I take it all back.
3days after getting an email saying it will be weeks...
I get a despatch email

Hope that you all get yours too

Cheers OP

My item has been despatched!!! yes!!!!!!!!!

Link doesn't work - looks like it's expired. All I could find was a different boxset on the site (Dawn Of The Dead/Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface) fo £9.97.

i got mine 2day, did anyone else get theirs???????


i got mine 2day, did anyone else get theirs???????

Yeh I received it as well!

Just got an email that they are chasing supplier. Hopefully they get some more
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