Say You're Sorry (Book One) (Free Kindle Edition)

Say You're Sorry (Book One) (Free Kindle Edition)

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Sometimes, an apology is all it takes to save your life, no matter who you are!


A gripping page-turning crime thriller which will make you think twice about how you treat strangers or ever use the internet or your mobile phone again!

Say You’re Sorry weaves together the lives of four different people in a page-turning modern retelling of the biblical thriller: David versus Goliath. In this thrilling version, David works in a call centre in India, and Goliath is Scottish crime lord Tommy McNunn.

When Scottish crime lord Tommy ‘McNunn’ commits the perfect murder, killing a corrupt policeman and framing his death on a rival, DCI Campbell McKenzie knows there is little he can do to stop a gang war and prevent McNunn taking over the whole of Scotland.

However, when Tommy McNunn accidentally drives into an old age pensioner, destroys the man’s car and refuses to apologise, his ambitions are soon to be thwarted. In a modern day retelling of the biblical story ‘David Versus Goliath’, the meek topple the mighty, brains conquer brawn and good overcomes bad. DCI McKenzie versus his arch rival, Tommy McNunn. Who will win? In another classic IAN CP IRVINE thriller, just when you think you know the truth, your world is turned upside down. Hold on tight, cancel the rest of your day and take a deep, deep breathe. You'll need it.
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Book two is only 99p on Kindle, or free if you're a Kindle Unlimited user.…JMJ
Thanks, OP. Good find!
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Thanks my kind of story
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