Scafell Rock Quickdraw SS (Galert) 2 man tent £20 @ Morrisons

Scafell Rock Quickdraw SS (Galert) 2 man tent £20 @ Morrisons

Found 29th Jun 2010
Just purchased this instore at Morrisons Derby. I know you can get cheaper 2 man tents, but this seems a good price for a branded quick pitch tent.

It was on offer from £25 along with all of the other camping equipment.

2000 Hydrostatic Head
lightweight (2.05kg)

Just realised Scafell Rock are now branded as Galert.
Here it is on the Galert website for £44.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!…spx
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this is a cosy two man tent!
just bought this tent from argos £19.99
its a fab little tent but as above.. it would be a very cozy two man tent…htm
i got this last year from work (morrisons!) for the same price and others have said it is a VERY cosy 2 man!

if you dont mind unbrabded (although scafell rock is a cheap brand!) then B&M are doing a 3 man version for the same price
just had the quick pitch elite at glasto, it worked despite being far too small for myself.
are these available in all stores?
At Morrisons for £4.98 they forgot to price them on the shelf, but if they had they would no doubt have gone. There were 3 left in Ipswich.

I bought loads as presents for my 3 kids and my nephews and Nieces. Also as Birthday presents for the kids mates. At a fiver they are almost disposable. Though my recycling gene will not let me do it.
Got one at Edinburgh Fairmilehead...last one...£4.98...WOW! Great for T In The Park (but, alas, i'm too old for that!)
Nice and cheap and know why ! The tubular steel couplings for the fibreglass rods are split lengthways. The rods in tension force them open and the tent collapses. On second time of use one rod shattered and so tent is now useless. Cheap as made in China. Don't expect quality.
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