scalextric pro driver £20 instore at morrisons (amazon £50)

scalextric pro driver £20 instore at morrisons (amazon £50)

Found 21st Nov 2016
saw a full pallet of these set up in store today for black five days.
had seen it last week for £40 & was thinking about it but now it's added to my Xmas list & wife informed haha

amazon price is £49.97
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Avoid like the plague
Total rubbish and I agree with another reviewer that Hornby should recall this product.

I'm incredulous that, thirty-odd years after my dad had nightmares trying to get my old scalextrix set working, the system still suffers from the same deficiencies, leading to hours of frustration for me and my son.

In short, the wire brush pickup system is still rubbish and fiddly to get right and, even then, the cars just grind to a halt on the sharp bends.

Doesn’t Work
It is a waste of £40 (Argos) let alone £80 here.

Out of the box only 1 car worked reliably. Then after a bit more playing, 2 months later the second car stopped.

Cars are unable to get proper contact with the track to get power. They lose power on corners, climbing parts etc etc.

So its nonstop adjustments to get them working properly, however now after 2 months light use even that does not work.

Scaletrix should recall this product as it simply does not work. But the non-Micro sets.

Not sure why the previous reviewer awarded this 5 stars on delivery and packing ?! If you like a nice box buy it, if you want something that works don’t !! (Check Argos for more reviews)

Edited by: "copystuff" 21st Nov 2016
Op, you may want to add that this is "Micro" and not to 1/32 scale Scalextric
There's a reason for the full pallet, its the bad reviews not the black friday
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