Scalextric street racers £25 reduced from £130

Scalextric street racers £25 reduced from £130

Found 8th Jan 2008
I just seen this deal on the littlewoods direct website and couldn't believe the price. Even if they do not honour any discount codes this is still a great deal.
Here is description from littlewoods website.

street racers
Contains three 3 super-tough Mini Cooper cars, so you choose which two to race! Complete with over 8.5 metres of track. Set up time: 15 mins. Age from 5 years.
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Littlewoods Direct (or what they're calling themselves today) are complete assclowns! Stone cold for me.
not a chance !
"jay7472 not a chance !"

I`ve gone for one have I missed something ????/
Hi I've used Littlewoods before and they have been fine.

Good spot

ps ZQ284 for free delivery
Damn ,missed the free delivery !
Just ordered mine - nothing wrong with littlewoods if you don't abuse the vouchers. Great Find!
Have been and are going for £67 on ebay!:thumbsup:
is this the normal full sized version or the mini have it also for £28.
Same price on Additions Direct :thumbsup:
Whilst Marshall Ward have it for £52!!!!!!
Seems like a bad rap here for littlewoods, probably not without reason. Regardless - I bought one.

I have voted hot, seems good to me but I am anxious as I used the 'free delivery voucher'. I wonder if I'd been better paying the additional three and a half quid just to make sure I get this....? :?

Seems on researching here that its the vouchers that cause the problems and OP did make reference to these, so kudos all round. Heat & Rep added and that's the way it is !

thanks OP :-D
just wanted to say thankyou for this post. will be a great birthday pressie for the other half. didnt want to risk them cancelling the order so didnt use any vouchers but great at this price. thanks

is this the normal full sized version or the mini

that's a rathergood avatar :thumbsup:
think i am barried from littlewoods cos i used this website for promo codes, but i will try any way. really dont need a Scalextric street racers. but its worth a
Any one know if the track can be used with the digital sets (Father Christmas found a deal on a digital set from Argos on here!)??
How about the cars?
Great price, son would love it, but Wife won't let me buy it. For some reason she thinks I want it for it me ;-)

Damn ,missed the free delivery !

Free delivery code worked for me ZQ284 :thumbsup:

Hope it turns up, fingercrossed
Out of Stock!

that's a rathergood avatar :thumbsup:

OOS some people are buying:)...Littlewoods or no Littlewoods
OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x
woohoo....just got mine ordered in time....hope they honour it though..........good spot, I paid a lot more at christmas for a lot less track and only 2 minis.
Yeah, out of stock. Wish i'd ordered mine before posting the deal. Still this forum has saved me so much in the past. Glad to give something back


possibly, although a ninja kitten would have him during a flip-out, 'cos that's what ninjas do


Out of Stock!


OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x

you might get mine yet - i used the free delivery code, so might get cancelled? lol:p
try here £3 extra thou ]http//ww…470

oh well sold out now so some of you must have got from that link.
seems like a ok sale on menswear too. but lots of out of stock items too.
Great deal, just missed out. Was even going to buy after dealing with 'Great' Universal who are Rubbish and believe linked to Littlewoods. Voted Hot
So close but yet so far! Tried all 3 websites all out of stock. O well I hope that all the sales go through

Yeah, out of stock. Wish i'd ordered mine before posting the deal. Still … Yeah, out of stock. Wish i'd ordered mine before posting the deal. Still this forum has saved me so much in the past. Glad to give something back

ahh that sucks - you post the deal and dont end up getting it :? (been close a few times meself)
showing as in stock 7am wed 9th
in stock which website?????

just checked both littlewoods and additions direct and out of stock
actually - i just tried again (09:10am on the 9th) using the go to deal link, and it showed as in stock - its let me process the order and take a payment - just waiting for confirmation email
deal looks like an incorrect price to me cheapest else where is over £50 and other similar length tracks and 1:32 scale car kits are also £60+
wonder if they will process the order and honor it - I will post again when i get confirmation of sale and again if it turns up - can other people who ordered this also confirm if it turns up?


Ordered this morning also over the phone, price was confirmed as £28 and in stock - fingers crossed!
Littlewoods Direct showing in stock about 9am.

I ordered, £25 plus free delivery code.

Confirmation Email.

Fingers crossed it arrives.

I could have ordered more, but a kind plea, let's keep this to 1 each so we can all enjoy.
Thank you for choosing to shop at ]http//ww…com

Here are the details confirming the order you placed with us on 09/Jan/2008 All orders are subject to stock availability and meeting our terms and conditions
above confirmation email received - estimated delivery date is friday - fingers crossed
Same here ordered it at 9-10 payment taken est delivery friday the 11th!!

25-00 lets see what happens with this.:thumbsup:
Its instock on Littlewoods Direct,allows you to add it to your basket then tell you its out of stock when you get to the checkout :thinking:
that what i was getting at first - keep trying periodically you may get through

I can also confirm that my conf email has also turned up - est delivery is friday
fingers crossed
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