Scalextric Street Sliderz - Half Price £39.98 Instore @ Asda

Scalextric Street Sliderz - Half Price £39.98 Instore @ Asda

Found 18th Feb 2009
purchased this last night at ASDA Coryton - Cardiff not sure if it is in all stores

Can't find it anywhere near this online Amazon is £83.19 & Tesco's is £84.97

Drifting is an increasingly popular form of motorsport where drivers demonstrate ultimate car control and balance as they perform a series of power slides and fish tails. Race winners are usually the last ones to spin!

The Scalextric Street Sliderz set offers two, strikingly liveried Lamborghini Gallardo cars. The cars are fitted with unique guide blade systems that allow 360 degree movement. The challenge is to fishtail the car around the perfectly shaped figure-of-eight circuit and send tyre walls flying! It's great fun and, remember, points will be awarded for style!

The Super Resistant rugged, light-weight bodies of the Lamborghini Gallardo Drift 360° cars ensure hours of full impact, drifting fun for the novice driver and enthusiast alike. The cars, which operate on either direction on the track, feature easy change pick-ups and the Magnatraction system to help them stay on the circuit.
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there is about 3 scalextric deals on at asda, but i think most are now out of stock.

this is a repost, will see if I can find original thread
Hey i realy want one of these now lol 34 on sunday and just a boy at heart but when searching asda site they havent got this so i phoned asda ashford (nearest) and they say they dont sell Scalextrics !

any idea's
ok... is this a scalextric digital? i know little about these.. we have a few sets of the original but i have heard they are bringing or have already that turn round etc on the track.... ok so if that is so do the original ones work on this track etc? thinking of getting rid of mine and updating for the kids but wpndered should i keep the cars? Any ideas??
Unfortunately this is not one of the digital ones but still a great deal.
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