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Seasonic Focus Plus+ 650 Watt Platinum Modular PSU/Power Supply £85.48 delivered @ Scan
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Fully modular Platinum rated PSU, cheapest Platinum rated PSU I've come across. The FOCUS+ Platinum 650 watt unit is a power supply not to be missed for its great features and hig… Read more

There's a 450W Gold semi modular for £58.98 inc p&p


Paid £88 lets see how it goes on gtx 980 and intel 4 series cpu. Replacing my old novatech 1000 watt cpu


Seasonic top notch SMPS electronics!


Thanks OP, have ordered. Probably overkill for me considering I'm upgrading from a 600W Bronze that has served me fine for 6 years, but this'll be good future-proofing.


My 650w with gpu and 2 hdd, 6 fans, led lights and so so handling with easy. If that hels

Deepcool Matrexx 30 Tempered Glass MicroATX PC Case - £17.48 + £4 P&P @ Scan
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Scroll down the "Todays deal" section. Go to "Deepcool Deals". Bottom left. Sorry, direct links don't work. This is a MicroATX case. Cheapest delivery option for me is £4 3-5 … Read more
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Thank you very much


One of the biggest complaints about this case is cable management. If you're going to be adding 3 hard drives I would spend another £10-15 on a bigger, better case. Just message if you need help =)


Thank you very much for your offer of help. A lot of my hdd are 3 if not 4tb already with photos of people’s wedding etc...I would probably want a slightly bigger tower I’m guessing. But will definitely pick your brains. I’m more concerned about the compatibility of parts so may actually ask you to choose components. I’m sure I have a 650w modular psu then can be used amongst other things


3, as in the description. If they're less than 1TB I'd really just merge them into a used 1-2TB HDD. The front fan directly faces the drives, so the more drives you add you will be blocking off airflow. I'd advise not buying an AIO (Only 120mm is compatible, it would choke the case in the front or hinder exhaust at the back and they generally perform like a small aircooler anyway). Buy as many used components as possible: 1. Buy a small used cooler - metal is metal, new or used does not matter. 2. Look up B350 if you're going to use something low powered (Up to 2600x) 3. Ram has a life time warranty, buy used, aim for 3200 16GB+. Buy used. The intel 660p is one of the best bang for buck nvme drives and Adata have a few that are cheap too. If you don't play games you could always go for a 2200g or 2400g CPU, they have integrated graphics. I have no idea what photo editing needs to run faster (More cores, more clocks, a faster GPU, more RAM), but you could build a very good PC for £300-400 quite easily. If you need any help finding parts just shoot me a message.


How many hdd can this store? I've got 3 hdd from an old computer that I want to transfer into a new system...I'm going to use your set up as a guide...I dont play games but I do edit photos so will probably increase ram...anything else do you suggest. I want to spend about 700-800 at a push...

EVGA 500W 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply/PSU 100-W1-0500-K3 - £24.98 @ Scan
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Hot seller offer price! Model # is: EVGA 500W 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply/PSU 100-W1-0500-K3 for £24, lowest I think it has ever been for this variant. 500W EVGA, 80 PLUS Fully Wir… Read more

No, just no! This is disrespectful to your machine! Installing a "white" rated power supply should be a crime. If you can't afford a gold or at the very least silver then save up, buy less avacados or something, spend less on coffee shops, I don't care what you have to do just don't buy a psu that's so energy inefficient it's rated white! And for those asking about if they are noisy while gaming?... The real question is why the fudge would you put a white rated PSU in a gaming machine?


I have bought loads of these units at varying prices over the years, solid units, not had a single problem. While they have been at this price I have bought 2, great price! I used to have one in my main system with an i5 7600k @ 4.8GHz 1.35v and a GTX 1070 running at stock settings, the unit was quiet and did not cause a single issue, ended up switching to a gold rated PSU for the sake of it when I switched to Ryzen. I will buy both Corsair and EVGA units but EVGA is almost always at a better price, also I have never had the sata power connectors snap due to being so brittle on an EVGA unit, that has happened on a Corsair VS unit, To be fair that is their worst unit but that's still one more (pretty major) issue than I have ever had with an EVGA unit.


Not sure how to vote on this... I have the 600W version and it failed after about 9 months.. maybe I was unlucky/could happen to any make. What I can say is EVGA customer support was fantastic, very quick response and replaced no problem.


To add to the general consensus, if you have a pricey graphics card etc then get a gold rated PSU for piece is mind in your investment...


I bought a cheap stethoscope off eBay for like a quid. I use it to pin point whats noisiest in my systems.

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Thermaltake Versa H15 Compact micro-ATX Gaming Mini Tower PC Case with Window £29.99 + £4.79 c&c / £5.48 p&p Scan
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Product OverviewThermaltake Versa H15 Window M-ATX Gaming Chassis Thermaltake new Versa H15 window micro case is ideal for home-computer builders and gamers. The ample ventilation … Read more

I bought a £20 mATX case last, I removed all the bays inside so just PSU on bottom and I just have SSDs so i stuff those at the bottom and the cables hold them down. xD


This actually is a nice case, well made and well designed, especially for the price. Cooling is excellent, one (of 2) front fan mounts blows directly across the drive bay, a frequently overlooked feature. Everything is well laid out and very compact, a bit too compact for my build as I had to purchase another CPU cooler to fit. Edit: front fans not included BTW


Er. Well... yeah. (confused)


wrong image of case, shows large full side window but actual one is smaller with metal around it


This is a nice case, fits three hard drives and a couple of SSDs IIRC. Used it to build my brother's PC. Well built. Very compact. Only downside was the optical drive not fitting as it was too deep.

MSI AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 Vega2 Graphics Card £605.47 at Scan (2 free games)
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Fantastic card and good price, especially with the 2 games.

Ha ha ermmm well as a bond villain I was more referring to plotting my next pursuit (pirate)


Off course! watching porn on the console might be a pain in the backside! (highfive)


Its actually almost as bad these days. With Consoles now emulating the PC experience the console market is becoming a strange and mixed up place: *Expensive digital download pricing structure. *Larger capacity requirement means rip off pricing from the outset or an upgraded HDD. *Expensive peripherals. *Higher quality TV required to have the 'full' experience from a 4K console. All that being said and you can still use a PC for much more than just gaming...


It used to be great when consoles were like that. Nowadays it's more of a Select game, see it has a 5gb update waiting and won't allow you to play till its updated, spend 30 minutes updating game, get bored and turn off console.


Every time I see the prices of these cards I am glad that I gave up pc gaming years ago. Console.. disc in... tv on... PRONTO!

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Seasonic Prime Snow Silent 550w 80+ Gold PSU/Power Supply £95.47 at Scan (12 years warranty)
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
This is a Tier A (Mid-Range) power supply, not seen it cheaper lately. Features• 80 PLUS® Gold certified • Micro Tolerance Load Regulation (0.5 %) • Cable-free Connection Design … Read more

I have some psus in old builds still delivering solid stable power daily, 10+ years on. Note, I don't use them, these are rigs I have given/sold to family and friends. I know they are still good as I am still active for their in-house tech support. :) Edit: note the psus in these builds were generally overspecced, high quality brands, and gold rated, so lots of headroom for a bit of output loss over the years.


Yes, but by doing banked turns they could compete with the fuel-injected Messchermitts - it's all down to adapting to equipment you have at hand. But a 12 year warranty? I've never kept any computer component or even software for more than 5 years let alone a decade!


To stop people asking if it has a fan...


They can only be used upside down ..that is the downside . Unlike the carburettors in Spitfires , which didnt work upside down. /j (confused)


Looks very good in white but why all the photos of the PSU are given upside down? XD

Deepcool MATREXX 55 RGB Dual Tempered Glass - £28.98 at Scan + £4 P&P
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
The MATREXX 55 is a compact ATX PC gaming case by Deepcool, cable of supporting motherboards up to E-ATX. Keep your setup cool with optimized airflow, as the design of the panels h… Read more
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Received mine today. Going to use it for my sons machine as he's got a pretty crappy zalman case right now. Thanks OP!


I have this case. It's beautiful. It can fit three 140/120mm fans at the front, two at the top & one 120mm at the back. Removing the glass side panel is easy and can be done with the PC upright. To pull off the front cover use a screw driver at the bottom to prise it open. I was able to install a laptop hard drive into one of the two drive bays using four of the many small screws provided, which are also used to screw in the motherboard. You will need a small screwdriver. The one problem is that the holes for the SATA SSDs in the casing are too big and are in slightly the wrong place. Don't plug its RGB molex connector into a PSU as it could cause a fire (use the motherboard's RGB connector instead if you have one). I would say at minimum four 120mm case fans are needed. Two or three at the front, one at the rear and one or two at the top. The ones at the rear and top need to blow at the holes in the case so they extract hot air out of the case. Also search ebay for “fan hub”. These provide extra 4-pin connectors for fans. You can plug a 3-pin fan into a 4-pin connector. The 140mm Cooler Master fans mentioned are silent.


May be location dependant, but for me it's £4 once you change the option


Heat added, looking like a good case. Ordered, and once I've transferred my system over I will update. Was looking for a case similar to the Lian-Li O11/Air case, this to me seems very similar for around £60+ less


P&P is actually £5.48 so it comes to £34.46, still a good deal though. :)

PowerColor AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 Vega2 Graphics Card £605.47 @ Scan (2 free games)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Great card and good value with 2 games promo. Technical Details: - Slot Height: 2-Slot - GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 7 - Manufacturing Process: 7 nm - Compute Units: 60 - Upto 13.8 TF… Read more

Yes but it's the most powerful gaming card AMD sell so I can't see them stop selling it without an alternative


It was only a short run card to fill a gap so they had a place in the market and were making a reported loss on them.


This is the newest released card by AMD so I can't see it being discontinued. There's new cards coming out July 7th but I cant see them discontinuing these so soon. (I could be wrong but I'd be shocked)


for rx5700xt its 449 dullars and xt5700 389 dulars .. those normally become the gbp prices , the xt is not much less powerful than this, but significantly cheaper Just FYI


The real surprising thing is that they did almost nothing with 12nm aside from an overpriced and clocked-to-the-max RX590. While they RX590 wasn't impressive, if hadn't been clocked so high the 12nm (aka 14LP+) showed a fair improvement versus 14LPP when run at reasonable clocks. One website - wccftech of all places - tried underclocking their RX590 to RX480 speeds and it had similar perf/watt as a GTX1060 (which inimitably was one of the more inefficient recent Nvidia cards): Yes, 12nm wafers would have cost them more but an efficient card would have been good publicly, and with the WSA they still have to buy plenty of GF wafers anyhow. Instead most of their recent releases have been trying to maximise the selling prices then being forced to cut the prices like crazy when the don't sell. Which is what I expect to happen with Navi. Again. Yes, everyone would like to have Nvidia-like margins but the underdog has to offer more, whereas Navi at best offers the same performance (minus RTX for whatever that is worth) for about the same price. Even if 7nm wafers are expensive, the fixed costs (design, masks etc.) are surely better spread over a larger volume?

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 16GB 3000 MHz DDR4 - £93.48 @ Scan
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 16GB 3000 MHz DDR4 3000 mhz Cas 15. Not the fastest but seems a fair price. Couldn't see this posted think it's a good price if have free delivery … Read more

I’ve got 3200 of this atm running at 3400... tempted to get this as the 3200 kit is nearly £25 more 😬 16GB is fine for most things except when I’ve got chrome and adobe lightroom open (lol)

Corsair H115i AIO RGB Factory Refurbished - £49.99 @ Scan
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
1-year warranty Free shipping with 20 posts on NEXUS Corsair Hydro Series - H115i Liquid CPU Cooler - Refurbished H115I SELF-CONTAINED COOLING SYSTEM The Hydro Series H115i is a… Read more

Anyone recieved theirs and tried them? Just wanted to ask since last time I ordered the refurb h105 from scan it came in a full retail box but this one has come in a brown box. Still waiting to get mobo so can't test yet so just wanted to know if they're working fine for everyone or if anyone had any issues with them.


Tis gone :)


AIO is an alternative to air, nobody is saying that it is better in all builds. They are popular in SFF builds. I'm replacing my Noctua cooler because even with upgrading to a 25mm noctua fan it still overheats when gaming. Air works well in a large case with good airflow.


People are free to buy whatever they want, however many users assume AIO water coolers provide better performance and lower noise levels than air coolers when they don't.


In your opinion. For others they want to make their PC aesthetically pleasing and perform to 90% of the best. While you may not agree. Not everyone needs the absolute top cooling and last mV to clock to the final MHz.

Fractal Design Core 2500 Gaming Midi Case £37.98 at Scan (+£5.48 P&P or Free C&C From Bolton Store)
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Buy Fractal if you want quiet PC and a budget build. Key features • A compact ATX Mid Tower case with bottom-mounted PSU, designed for exceptional airflow and cooling • Brushed … Read more

go to "Today Only" page


Says 49 poundsnot 37.


But if case got no gaming writing you are screwed. Will be doomed at noobs realm forever (lol)


Extra fps/performance from increased airflow/cable management - allowing higher overclocks. Actually it can help your gameplay!


Gaming case (lol) (lol) (lol) didn't know case helps you to play better (embarrassed)

AOpen 27" Quad HD 2K IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor SCAN EXCLUSIVE £189.97 at Scan (+£11.50 P&P or Free C&C From Bolton Store)
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Good price for this Quad 75Hz IPS monitor.

Mine arrived today too, didn't show as a 4k here, just the expected 1440p. I am using the displayport connection though. For anyone else considering this monitor, i'm pretty happy with it after having tried a few different ones recently. What I've found so far... Colours are kinda warm by default, but I prefer a warmer display anyway. Freesync works fine with nvidia drivers over DP, only tried the default 48-75 range. Uniformity seems decent, no obvious tinting across solid white when fullscreen. My screen has some minor bleed on a black fullscreen in two of the corners, but I've seen much worse. Gamma curve at the default 2.2 is fairly accurate, dips to 2.1 at midgrey but using the 2.4 setting corrects midgrey to perfect 2.2. No gradient banding at all, whether using limited or full RGB, or 8 or 10 bpc colour depth, that's pretty nice. You can get into the service menu by holding the button above the joystick while switching on the display, this will move the menu to the top left of the screen, go up once to access service menu. From the service menu, panel is an M270DAN02.5 QA, which is an AUO panel according to panelook, and it's used in some of Acer's other 1440p monitors that cost 250-300 quid or more. Motion blur is about what you'd expect from a 75Hz panel, I haven't tried the TVR backlight strobing thing yet. Stand is kinda wank with only tilt adjustment, but it doesn't wobble very much at least. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, especially for £190. Picture is infinitely better than the typical 6bit+FRC IPS panel you normally get in the sub-200 quid price range, none of those faint vertical lines on blues/oranges etc. This seems like it's a keeper and my monitor search is finally over, touch wood.


So....this just arrived. It's being recognised by windows as a 4k monitor!? It's native resolution is 1440p but it handles 4k too?!


I don't think it is. The search continueeees!!


Looks good, but is that 144Hz?


what about this one?

Intel 660P 512GB NVMe | £61.99 with free Passive Heat sink / £67.48 delivered @ Scan
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Seems a reasonable buy for a 512GB Intel NVMe. I know there are faster drives such as the 760P but this should do better than cheaper drives with higher advertised speeds on sustai… Read more

Or for those not comfortable with Sabrent (although it did apparently use the reference design and firmware), there's the Corsair mp510 version for £75: As the Sabrent it has nearly 3 times the read speed, twice the write speed, 4 times read IOPS, and 8 times the endurance!


512GB Sabrent NVMe on Amazon is about £6 cheaper than this (including free shipping), and also significantly faster (3450mb/s seq. read, 3000mb/s seq. write), and since it's using TLC NAND flash instead of QLC it'll have a longer lifespan being able to withstand more write cycles. Not sure why people are giving this SSD any heat...


Thanks and nice that was very good then, the link on ccl now shows £68.73. I guess it depends if you value the heat sink, it won't have any performance impact but may look good in some builds :)


£66.34 @ CClonline It was Sub - 60 couple of days ago, if these are the same ones. Apologies but just trying to help with the best price. :) Great SS drive, Heat added (y)

ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Expedition OC Graphics Card + Fortnite bundle + Shadow of the Tomb Raider - £169.98 + £5.48 next day @ Scan
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Looks like a great deal for a card still very relevant. This is £169.99 on Amazon at the moment with the Fortnite bundle, but given that this also comes with the Tomb Raider down… Read more
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Already sold one of the codes for £26 net, so this is already £149 for me now with the other one still to be sold :)


It’s time this generation of cards dropped to sub £125 because they old technology and only back to their original price bands before the mining hikes


Yeah I’m not saying there aren’t good people out there but it’s a lottery, glad you managed to make it work for you. Only speaking from experience as been selling on eBay for years and every so often you get someone opening a case for faulty and returning an empty box (or postcard).


How are 1060s still this price?


Cheers. I've sold 5 now, I think, from different purchases so it's just a case of identifying a solid reputable buyer. I specify a certain rating before buying. £110 is such a good price for a gaming card such as the Ti. I may have even considered that, but like the jump from this to the 1660, I think I would have just topped out on the 1050ti if I'd have purchased it myself personally. Also, not sure what the outputs were for the ti, as a fair few of them just have the 1 HDMI, 1 DP and 1 DVI - I needed at least 2 DP and a further HDMI, which was a deal breaker for me.

EVGA BR 700 Watt 80+ Bronze PSU/Power Supply £49.47 at Scan
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Decent PSU and good value. Features • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85% efficiency or higher under typical loads. • Single 12V. Rail. • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC). •… Read more

Coming through at £44.99 for me. Have you included delivery? I tend to c&c as I live nearby. I was looking at getting one to replace a faulty unit, but a previous post pointed out it's graded tier F here


Great price and £1.50 cheaper than amazon prime hot from me

AOpen 23.6" VA Full HD 144Hz Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor £131.47 delivered SCAN EXCLUSIVE
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
I know the Acer one at ebuyer is at 109.98 but this is an alternative option for anyone who doesn't fancy using ebuyer or doesn't like Acer I guess. The 24HC1QR P model from AOpen… Read more

A lot of monitor for the money


AOpen is part of Acer, so you're still getting more or less the same thing, using their panels. So just go for the cheaper of the two.

Deepcool MATREXX 55 RGB Dual Tempered Glass Compact Mid Tower PC Gaming Case, £39.98 delivered at Scan
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Very nice case for a budget build. Full sized 4mm thickness, tempered glass side panel and the front panel give the case a unique look and perfectly show off your inner structure.… Read more

Or maybe thats what you do. PC without drives. Maybe its the younger types. The conversation about this has went beyond it's sell by date anyways. You don't some do The numbers of cases without drive spaces seem to be 75% of all cases going by Amazon Scan etc But claiming there isn't SOME demand is just plain daft


Not on my PC. I've build about 20 PC over the last two years and nobody is asking for optical drives anymore and most laptops don't have one these days. Not saying there isn't a use for one but the few people who need one on their laptop get USB one.


Pretty much my views on this subject. You may not use it often, but you WILL need it at some point. Me - I use it often. My daughter wanting selections of kiddie progs for my grand-daughter Sophie for example to watch while on holiday (She's two and a fanatic on Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Mr Tumble, Thomas the Tank Engine, Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and a few others) all very well having DVDs of the things - she likes variety ! (y)


I see where you're coming from so to speak, but seems a bit daft if you've already forked out for a bluray writer. No, theres several good cases with slots for optical drives. They're still available ! Still a bit baffled I admit - but many said this was so, and I couldn't believe it then ,and still can't now ! XD ;)


Are you building one as a media centre , because if not i will just get an external drive.


EVGA rebadge their PSUs, which come from multiple OEM companies. This is a low tier variant and incomparable to a higher end one such as those made by Seasonic and then rebadged as EVGA.


EVGA probably don't sponsor him, never had a problem with EVGA power supplies.


Its fine for an ancient spare PC that you dont care about. I have a few Dell Xeon T3500s that this would be perfect for


Just bought the 500w on Prime Now, paid £35 odd in total with a load of shopping using code Now10 for a tenner off 50 spend, also bought items in their 5 pounds off if you buy 5 items deal. Effectively 20 quid worth of stuff for an extra fiver.


Tier F on LinusTechTips so keep away !

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