Scandyna Micropod SE Ipod Dock and Speakers - 75% off!! @ Superfi
Scandyna Micropod SE Ipod Dock and Speakers - 75% off!! @ Superfi

Scandyna Micropod SE Ipod Dock and Speakers - 75% off!! @ Superfi

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Superfi have the Scandyna Micropod Ipod Dock & Speakers at £80 - down from £300 (as it still costs elsewhere). The only catch - it's pink!

Mine got delivered today, I thought I'd get one before promoting the deal. The sound quality is very good - easily comparible with my Denon minisystem. The speakers and dock are very small - speakers maybe 20cm tall - and the dock is just like a normal ipod dock, but has a amp built in as well. The system goes plenty loud, but obviously isn't designed for larger rooms. There's good bass balance for classical music - but no sub and no equaliser - but if you like D&B, there's a sub out socket out the back

so - there you go - very good quality, low profile ipod dock, in a rather nice pink, at a bargin basement price. If you're looking elsewhere - note that the £150 listing is normally for the dock alone, not the dock and speakers.

One other thing to note - one review stated that it doesn't charge more modern ipods - I checked on my Girlfriend's 4th gen Ipod Nano (which didn't charge on my old dock) and it charges fine - so I guess the makers must have fixed that


Hot find OP, shame its pink though as I would have snapped one up in black at this price

Does anyone know whether this will work with the iphone?? Can't see it listed in the specs!



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it works with my ipod classic, and my gf's nano - so I would imagine yes. The remote only has basic functionality and the iphone is back-compatible with that

Sorry if I'm just dumb, but isn't that an iPhone in the picture?

You aren't wrong MrB, well spotted - but just cos they advertise it with one, doesn't mean it will work with it!!
It doesn't say anywhere in the specs thats it's compatible - where as it does list the others! £80 is a fair amount of cash to part with if you can't guarentee it's gonna work with the Iphone, hence my question!

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if it doesn't work you can return it under distance selling regs

why does it have to be pink

they need to just make things in simple black, white or silver thats it!

are the speakers wired. maybe a daft question but cant see them on pic or is that just to make it look more pretty?

As far as I am aware they are wired.

bumping this as I ordered and received this today and its just brilliant - still in stock also at same price
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