Scanners Trilogy DVD - £3 @ Fopp (IN-STORE)

Scanners Trilogy DVD - £3 @ Fopp (IN-STORE)

Found 7th Aug 2010Made hot 11th Aug 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £5.99 at PowerPlayDirect.

Scanners (Dir. David Cronenberg, 1981): Cameron Vale is living on the fringe of society, self-induced due to his telepathic ability to read other people's minds. Darryl Revok has the same condition and is the head of an underground association of so-called Scanners that want world domination. When Vale is taken to Dr Paul Ruth as a result of supposed insanity, he's enlisted into a program that will involve him in a battle against his fellow Scanners.

Scanners 2 - The New Order (Dir. Christian Duguay, 1991): In order to take over the city, corrupt police commander Forrester intends to use a telepathic breed of human, Scanners. To control the Scanners, Forrester enlists the help of evil scientist, Dr Morse, who wants to conduct mind control experiments on the Scanners with a new drug. Unfortunately the side effects render the Scanners incapable, so Forrester finds David Kellum, a good, rational Scanner who, unaware of his own powers, agrees to work with him.

Scanners 3 - The Takeover (Dir. Christian Duguay,1992): A young, lovable Scanner with extraordinary telepathic powers transforms into a murderous megalomaniac after taking one of her father's experimental drugs. After taking over his pharmaceutical drugs company, the deranged Scanner runs amok on a killing spree and takes over a television company in her quest for world domination. Will her Scanner brother, fresh from a spell in a Thai Monastery, have the power to stop her?


Awesome price for the first film alone!! Th other 2 ok but first film is very good!!

I bought it this weekend!! Bargain!!!

which fopp?

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I found this in the Bristol one. Plenty of them.

I used to love Scanners when I was a kid, but then I saw it again recently and the acting by the main character, Stephen Lack, is atrocious. As a result, the movie ends up being unintentionally funny in places.

With regard to the offer, it's a great price. Heat added!
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which fopp?

saw some today in the shaftsbury ave FOPP too.
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