Scanners Trilogy - DVD BOXSET - £3.15 @ CDWOW

Scanners Trilogy - DVD BOXSET - £3.15 @ CDWOW

Found 23rd Aug 2010
Scanners (Dir. David Cronenberg 1981): Cameron Vale is living on the fringe of society self-induced due to his telepathic ability to read other people's minds. Darryl Revok has the same condition and is the head of an underground association of so-called Scanners that want world domination. When Vale is taken to Dr Paul Ruth as a result of supposed insanity he's enlisted into a program that will involve him in a battle against his fellow Scanners. Scanners 2 - The New Order (Dir. Christian Duguay 1991): In order to take over the city corrupt police commander Forrester intends


Heat + Purchased.

The first is worth £3 alone. Never seen the second two

All gone now.

cdwow have gone terrible when they first started a few years ago they were great ..good prices fast delivery but now 9 times out of 10 things ive ordered havent even been sent they just keep sending emails saying theyve no stock please wait then after a few months they refund the money back and say we couldnt get any stock at the price ordered but can send for much more than the price i orginally ordered at..terrible company and will no longer ever buy from them !!

£3 instore in Fopp, albeit in a different sleeve.
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