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32GB SAMSUNG 2 x 16GB 4RX4 PC3L-8500R MEMORY KIT - Grade A refurb - £65 Delivered @ SCC Trade
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
32GB of Server RAM for £65 sounds good to me! Manufacturer: Samsung Model: M393B2K70CM0-YF8 SKU: 4378 MPN: M393B2K70CM0-YF8 8 in stock at the time of posting.
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Sorry guys. Added more info to post.


Well if they wrote down the right part number, it's this


Is this ECC DDR3 memory? It's not obvious and the description isn't much help!


Yes, that does look rather an ignorant comment unless you know something about Samsung's China factory the rest of do not? Actually it seems (irrespective of which country the factory is located in) that Samsung has the best reputation for DDR3 and DDR4 Which is not surprising as Hynix and Micron are usually far behind them and there aren't many (any?) other DRAM manufacturers left.


Yes tempt Made in China . I'll pass If I were you I would NEVER buy ANY SAMSUNG product. Leave them for me and others.

Google Nexus 7 2012 - Cortex-A9, 1.2GHz, 1GB, 32GB, Grade B** (BACK IN STOCK) - £20 @ SCC Trade
Found 16th Dec 2016Found 16th Dec 2016
£20.00 41 AVAILABLE TIME OF POSTING Grade B unit: This is a 2nd user product, which has been fully tested with a limited internal and external clean. Due to the nature of the pr… Read more

I managed to get 2013 version for £30- it was like brand new. I am really pleased with my purchase. Thank you very much for sharing.


2012s back in stock now 7 left


Links for all variations have been removed now, can only assume these will no longer be back in stock.




just the 2012 sadly

Google Nexus 7 2013 16GB £30 / 32GB £35 / 2012 16GB £20 Graded @ SCC
Found 13th Dec 2016Found 13th Dec 2016
Grade B Google NEXUS 7 tablets from SCC Trade limited to 1 per customer. £20 for a 2012 16GB model (82 in stock), £30 for a 2013 16GB model (43 in stock) and best offer IMO £35 for… Read more
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Well, I'm running the Android 5.1.1 no problem on the Nexus 2012. I found it sluggish on the kit Kat 4.4.4. So I upgraded to Lolipop, then followed some advice from here. Cleared the cache, uninstalled the google launcher updates and disabled auto update on play, disabled text to speech and other unnecessary apps, and it's running very responsively compared to 4.4.4. Delighted with the wee tablet for £20


received mine, great hukd op.


Haha :D


Received mine today finally, mine was turned on in the box! oO


Mine turned up today too (2012). It was completely dead, I've had it on charge for nearly 3 hours and it's almost done. I'm using a Galaxy Tab A 2Amp charger though. You might need a different, higher Amp, charger.

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HP Elitebook 8470p/2570p i5, 4GB, NO HDD / CHARGER (Used) - £126 @ SCC Trade
Found 6th Jul 2016Found 6th Jul 2016
These two units are pretty similar aside from screen size. Yes, these are listed as Grade C, however I emailed them and they said that they're fine but they've had their HDDs pull… Read more
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That's a first gen i5 processor which is 1 year newer than my X200 and being honest wholesale/spares units about the going rate. Not saying it's a bad deal, just that I'm frustrated with SCC/SCH having decided to up their prices. What I'm pointing out here is not that you didn't get a good deal, more than SCH trade have moved the boundaries. I picked up a B grade 8440p for £140 in August 2013. A short time later after I picked up that bargain (it still had 6months warranty) they upped the price to £168 so an increase of £28. The prices now vary in the last few weeks between £168 and £192 despite the fact that the hardware is another 3 years older since the price has increased. I check the pages nearly daily and have yet to see a single machine in their 'grade B' range to be cheaper than what I picked up 3 years ago. Interestingly I'm unaware of any computers of note in the last 20 years that have appreciated in value as the curve is generally towards the dropping in value. This is the crux of my point that SCH have lost their way being a good value supplier to now just being average as I can get similar deals in about a dozen different suppliers with some cases being better listed to know what you are going to get. It's why I've not purchased from them in 3 years despite a number of successive purchases before that time and why I encourage others to consider buying elsewhere.


I started buying from them in 2012 and never got such bargains, I paid more than that for a X61 (in 2012 though). My invoices on my account only start in 2013 as I think I bought the first few without creating an account, the first invoiced one is a X200 in Q3 2013 for £71.25. It was missing a key from the keyboard and had a crack in the case that was impossible to fix without epoxying it quite a bit. My dad still uses it daily! (I did replace the missing key) I still think these are good value but personally I've always got excellent batteries (all HP machines with > 90% design capacity remaining) from the machines bought from SCCTrade. They've got a few Elitebook 2560p/8460p machines for 88 quid, also some X201 and X220 machines for 88 quid too - woohoo! Must resist... I have enough already... sure what would I use them for...


...suppose Astec you wont think too much of this 2470p touch screen that is like new that I bought last week either [/url]image hosting 10mb limit[/img] (ps its actually 2.53ghz cpu, error in the listing)


I'm not so convinced, while it's a pretty a reasonable deal given the specs, it's a lot of risk to buy given that you have to get the PSU and risk it being a complete dud on arrival as they are sold as such with no helpful information. If you just purchased a 2570p it would be at from 2012 so now 4 years old. I picked up an X200 in Q1 2013 which released in Q3 2008 as below (missing only a hard disk and otherwise in pretty much unused condition) so 4 years and 6 months old. The missing hard drive is one key way with SCH/SCC to get a machine that's isn't a wreck, otherwise you really just take a big risk. Those sorts of deals were a regular feature on SCH trade but now there are very few unmissable deals from them which is a big shame considering how many items I'd purchased from them.


Bought an HP 2570p from SCC trade on Monday for £88 delivered today (had a price drop).Grade C, a few small dings on the lid otherwise perfect. Had the win 7 sticker under the battery, following a clean install of windows 10 it still activated (using the win 7 key) even though its past 29 July, so SCC do still have a few deals :) forum image hosting

HP EliteBook 8470p - Core i5, 2.6GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Grade B - £168 @ SCC Trade
Found 5th Nov 2015Found 5th Nov 2015
What a great bit of kit for £168! I've had a bunch of different pro and elitebooks, they've been knocked right about and just keep on ticking. I'm grabbing this because it's a hac… Read more
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Thanks for all the help. In the end I managed to pick up a HP Probook 430 g1 off ebay for £130 so that saved me a few quid compared to this :)


If the drive in the 8470 is anything like the 8440p then it's able to be swapped out so you can pick and choose what you need to use without having to take the entire laptop to pieces. Usually you just have to remove the retaining screw the first time and not replace it.


Thanks Astec, that looks a decent solution as I won't need an optical drive I don't think.


No you would have to replace the existing hard drive as this only has one HDD slot. However as an alternative you could swap out the DVD drive in this for an additional hard drive caddy to give you the main drive as the SSD and the old hard disk in the caddy for overflow storage. Something like this will do the trick (can be had for about £5-7 delivered) A half decent review of this model can be gotten here


Can I add an additional SSD or would it need to replace the existing HDD? I'm considering this to replace my old Core2Quad desktop.

Grade B & C Laptops, Desktops 15% off all day @ SCC TRADE (Black Friday Deal)
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
SCC Trade are doing the black friday deals of 15% off on all products. Discount Code / Coupon: " blackfri14 "

Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question.


Dammit. I did think of posting the Ask forum, but assumed everyone would say I was stupid and should have known better :(


You can't give up your own legal rights; and to the best of my knowledge, as long as you return it in the same condition you got it, you have every right to return anything for any reason within 7 days -- or at least that was the law at the time you bought that. -- this is more relevant since June 2014. 14 days now. What I would imagine you've encountered, is someone who is meant to provide just a little bit of resistance to see if you'll give up easily.


Knackered. No power in it (tested my AC adaptor on my mum's HP): the "thunderbolt" light on the left of the machine flashes yellow a few times, though. They said I should try buying a new motherboard. I may pay to get it repaired, which I likely will now my boyf's laptop's died :( I have a Grade B Lenovo X200 which made me an enthusiastic supporter of them before that; it was pristine and still going strong (put a SSD in it), sadly, the experience with my second purchase them put me off. £130 down the drain. Didn't know I could use Distance Selling Regulations law in this case. Looking through my emails, they said this (in May 2014): "As you are aware we do not accept returns on grade C stock. The reason for this is because we sell the units for spares and repairs only and do not specify the exact faults. I will of course speak to an engineer to see if he can give you any advice on how to get the unit working. When I get an update I will certainly let you know." It was nice of them to talk to an engineer, but of course it's nigh on impossible to troubleshoot without having the laptop around. "(our engineer).....advised that without testing the unit it may have a motherboard fault. He has advised that you could check to see if there is memory installed in the bottom, as this will also stop the machine from booting and create a fault. It may be present but may have been slightly dislodged in transit.. you could try removing it then inserting it again." (checked all those options...boyf bought a new motherboard but it hasn't been repaired).


I'm fairly surprised to hear that. I've returned a laptop in the past -- it can't have been earlier than about 2013, so maybe since they changed to SCC trade they got a bit more draconian. Either way DSR says you have a week to return it so 'It's the Law(TM)'. Was it completely knackered or did you end up getting it working?

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SCC Trade Price Drops!!  i7 grade C HP laptop for just £113
Found 17th Aug 2014Found 17th Aug 2014
As of midnight they have added lots of reduced stock, there's an i7 grade C HP laptop for just £113
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are grade b good can you recomend any around 180 mark


I agree, £189 for the same spec grade B, that's a big difference so there's £76 of faults there.... more than a replacement HD. They are priced accordingly, I have bought from them quite a few times.


Found this on their website and explains and the above posters are correct it seems: Home » Grade Guide Grade Guide Grade A A fully tested refurbished unit. Will have scratches, scuffs and signs of use. Operating System where applicable. Options will be open box product in original packaging. 90 Day Warranty. Grade B Fully tested unit. Will have scratches, scuffs and signs of use. No operating system. Not in original packaging. 45 day warranty. Unit will not come with an AC adaptor. Grade C Damaged units sold for spares only. No returns accepted. Will have missing parts and plastics. If in doubt purchase a grade B. Unit will not come with an AC adaptor.


Usually the Grade C machines sold without a HDD will work if one is fitted but I would be concerned that these ones have HDDs and are still being sold as non-working.


"Grade C unit: This unit is sold for use as spares only. The product will have been tested and found to have various faults, and should only be purchased if intended for repairing or breaking into spare parts. The product comes with no warranty and cannot be returned. If in any doubt please purchase a grade B"

Dell Latitude E6400 - Core 2 Duo, 2.4GHz, 3GB, 160GB, Grade B £91.20 delivered @ SCC trade
Found 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
I've had a Laptop from here well over a year now. It is of a similar spec to this and is still going strong and runs any windows OS as well as Linux distros fine. Shared Via The H… Read more
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Where does it say windows is installed? I'm looking for a cheap reasonable laptop for around £100 for my daughter!


E6400 could be Vista or Win 7 depending on what the company (probably a big corporate) who originally bought them requested. Could also be any version of the OS, again depending on what was specified from home (unlikely to be this though) , to premium, to pro to ultimate. From memory the laptops had about a 12 to 15 month cycle as being available from Dell, so also depends when it was ordered as what it could be stickered with. We have a lot with Vista as we were running XP and so downgraded, They were pretty much all replaced by the time we went to W7 as a company. The follow on E6410 was released as Win 7 came out so is likely to be a W7 sticker, and would be really uncommon to have a Vista sticker)


ebay tends to be better deals vs scc anymore since scc rebranded from sch and raised prices,


I bought this exact model recently on ebay for £50 albeit with one small pressure mark on the display. If it has a license key sticker it is likely to be for Vista.


Even if no Windows key on the base, it's likely to have a SLIC Bios.

HP ProBook 6570b B6P79ET#ABU, i5-3210M 2.5GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Grade B / No AC Adapter, £191.99 at SCC Trade
Found 6th May 2014Found 6th May 2014
Three of these currently in stock at SCC Trade. As always, no AC Adapter is included.
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That was quick...they're all out of stock!



Here is a similar listing on Amazon but with a bigger HDD: Brand Hewlett Packard Item Weight 2.5 Kg Product Dimensions 52 x 34.6 x 7.8 cm Item model number C5A57ET Series Probook 6570B C5A57ET Form Factor Portable Screen Size 15.6 inches Processor Brand Intel Processor Type Core i5 Processor Speed 2.5 GHz Processor Count 2 RAM Size 4 GB Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM Hard Drive Size 500 GB Graphics Card Description Intel HD Operating System Windows 7 Professional

HP EliteBook 2540p - Core i7, 2.13GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Grade B @ SCCTrade £194.40
Found 30th Apr 2014Found 30th Apr 2014
i7 EliteBook from SCCTrade, People here already know good reputation of SCCTrade. Use code EASTER10 until 30th April for 10% off. Code works on everything they have but today is t… Read more

Good price, indeed. I bought one at £216 a few minutes ago (£240 with Easter10 comes to £216 actually)


There are few available for £240 which will become after coupon use around £210. (Not bad even on that price)


shame it's gone already great power laptop - a bit heavy though compared to other machines but not as robust as its weight would suggest (not to say it's not well made)


Some others available. Not a bad price...


Out of Stock

Lenovo Desktop - Core i3, 4GB, 500GB, Grade B - SCC £86.40
Found 25th Apr 2014Found 25th Apr 2014
Seems a good price for a i3 desktop with good specs. * Lenovo ThinkCentre M82 2929-A77 - Core i3, 3.3GHz, 4GB, 500GB, Grade B * Free delivery * Use code Easter10 for 10% discount.

got earlier version, PSU cannot support low profile GPU ,250w for 400w a no go . learned the hard way.


PC arrived on Friday, really pleased with it. The case was quite scuffed but the internals are very clean. Build quality superb. The memory is a single stick of 4GB. Have swapped out the 500GB HDD (now on ebay!) for a SSD & it flies, boot-up with windows 7 is under 10 seconds. There was a legible Windows 7 Pro CoA which I used to activate Windows. There are 2 PCI slots but they will take only half-height cards. No DVI-out but that's not a problem for me & could easily be solved with a new graphics card. Overall I'm well pleased & thanks for posting OP.


Now back in stock, EASTER10 code valid until 30 April Mods please unexpire


well its difficult to update it :) but anyway when you buy it you should exlect to deliver this that it has :) good machine for talking on skype and watch youtube


All gone.

scctrade grade B t400 with windows 7 installed for £106.92 after 10% discount code
Found 18th Apr 2014Found 18th Apr 2014
just linking to a grade B machine so people dont moan about grade c, tho with windows 7 installed with COA for you the £106.92 one really is not bad for those that either dont kn… Read more
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There's one Grade B Lenovo X201 on there at the moment. "Lenovo ThinkPad X201 3680 - Core i5, 2.4GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Grade B" £168.00


Ordered one of these for £129.59 (with 10% off code) HP EliteBook 8440p - Core i5, 2.67GHz, 4GB, 0GB, Grade C Hoping no hard drive is the only issue, so I can bung an SSD in there.


I took a punt on another grade c as the code is working. Just paid £60 delivered for a hp 6930p elitebook 4 GB ram , core 2 duo, fingerprint reader, 3g, dvd rw, missing hdd. Added an old ssd and works perfectly. Was a risk but paid off this time. Seems there are no major issues, typing on it as we speak.


for those interested got my grade c t400 2.53gz this morning only 3 minor faults 5 faded keys (tho unimportant who doesnt know the keybored layout), missing hard drive cover (£2 or so), and 2 out of the 3 damaged usb port (could always move the cpu one of my other machines to fix the usb posts, tho really one usb is enough), + points not listed fingerprint chip / scanner fully working + webcam fully working and the 4gb is only 1 dimm so cheaper than uausl upgrade to 8gb


Okay, I should put an order in, then!! :) Mind you, this thread says differently And here: "I own a Lenovo X200, and I just put an X25-m in it. he SATA interface showed a 3.0 Gbps link, unlike the drive which came with the X200 which showed a 1.5 Gbps link. (Note that due to the way SATA transmits data, using 10 bits per byte for redundancy, 1.5Gbps translates to 150Mbps, which would match the lower speed reported in the original post.) A quick test with sequential reads gave me a read speed of 200MB/s."

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Intel Core i5, 2.4GHz, 4GB, 160GB Refurb @ SCC / SCH TRADE £140.00
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
Lenovo ThinkPad T410 2537 - Core i5, 2.4GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Grade B Grade B unit: This is a 2nd user product, which has been fully tested with a limited internal and external clean. … Read more
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probs only had one!


A similar thing happened with the HP ProBook offer from SCC earlier. Just went out of stock quickly.


Out of Stock


1st gen i5... not too bad, I'd pass. Assuming it has the windows COA sticker still on it, it's easy to install windows on: -


dvd rom! ADAPTER NOT INCLUDED, AS WITH ALL SCH TRADE LAPPYS, AND NO OS.... not a bad price though...

HP ProBook 6360b (Core i5, 2.5GHz, 4GB, 500GB, Grade B) £159.99 @ SCC Trade
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
Excellent price for a good spec laptop, which apparently is a favourite for Hackintosh… Read more
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Got mine on Friday - well built metallic frame - better than i expected - hardly any scuffs on the machine. There was a small hardly noticeable dent on the body but you have to look very close. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit key under the battery - had an old HP charger at home so plugged and installed. All the drivers can be found in the HP website. Fully charged - the battery lasts just shy of 4 hours. Pre installed with 4gb RAM, installed another 4gb and the machine flies. Great value for £160 - much better than netbooks and cheap new laptops!


Got one of these the other week, bought a good charger on amazon for £15. Comes with a Win 7 Pro key under the battery. Well built laptop!


No, there aren't any rules about warranties, but it's simply better for everyone if very important information on an item is included in the deal description, and a laptop having less than 2 Months warranty is a very important bit of info... How about I post a seemingly great deal for a car, but fail to mention the small print states it comes with no wheels, would that be OK? There's no rules saying I have to include whether it has wheels or not, but I'd be a bit of a git for not putting it in the deal info. Almost all deals I see posted for refurb items state the warranty, because pretty much everyone knows it's better to include it. Those that fail to mention it are normally trying to avoid cold votes... What about no power adapter being included? What about it hacving no OS? Why do you think he opted out of including that info? Because he knew it would result in less heat. The problem most people will not click on the deal link and check the small print before voting hot or cold, they will vote based on the information by the poster, so in order for people to judge a deal they need to given any info that could sway their decision either way. We should post to help people, not deceive them. The main goal of this site is to find great deals for people, not to see how hot you can make your own deal go by neglecting to include relevant information.


He's right - there are no posting rules about warranties- and it's a good deal heat added - maybe they should make people with less than 7 years on this site second class members - what do you think ?


I'll be selling some good business desktops in FS section soon, and they actually have great warranties! :p

[OUT OF STOCK] HP ProBook 6360b - Core i5, 2.5GHz, 4GB, 500GB, Grade B - £170 delivered @ SCC Trade
Found 27th Mar 2014Found 27th Mar 2014
Price drop on a very well built and good spec machine for under £200. No OS but can be hackintoshed with a WiFi card upgrade or Ubuntu would work very nicely, and you might get luc… Read more

Ps, its £7.15 now


Im sure,Just try enter your college etc, and see , hope you get a bargain , I did :-)


I'm just trying to stop people ordering cheapest sticks around without reading Amazon reviews on models with regards to bootablity only to realize they wasted precious days, nothing personal against the Bane's Sith Order :D


Kiss and make up guys.


Unbelievable, not a single valid reply to 4 facts + Someone who tells the world all USB memory sticks are bootable should not be consulted regarding computing matters. aren't you embarrassed?

HP ProBook 6360b - Core i5, 2.3GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Grade B- £175.00 delivered BACK IN STOCK @ SCC Trade
Found 24th Mar 2014Found 24th Mar 2014
My favourite Hackintosh laptop is back in stock again (couldn't un expire the other post) at SCC Trade. Only takes about half an hour to setup OS X Mavericks on this following the… Read more
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Cool. If you get any messages regarding the OS X stuff, feel free to point them my way (unless you're a bit of a hacker your self). I find that my inbox gets a few pings when I mention the H word.


I took the liberty of reposting, so you didn't have to!


That's with a higher clocker CPU too. Hot, but not sure I should post this laptop yet again.


Price has just dropped to £170.00 BARGAIN! (_;)


Thanks OP. I missed out on one of these the other day and fancy trying to sort a Hackintosh.

HP ProBook 6360b - Core i5, 2.3GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Grade B- £175.00 delivered @ SCC Trade
Found 20th Mar 2014Found 20th Mar 2014
My favorite Hackintosh laptop is back in stock at SCC Trade. Only takes about half an hour to setup OS X Mavericks on this following the guide found here:… Read more
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Ah ok, thanks for the info :)


Won't let me. I posted it again, but it was voted cold. They have some slightly better specced ones for £170 if you look on the site...


unexpire this is still available


DV6000 and DV9000 are notorious yes. I've seen very few that have survived, in fact I rarely see them now, people must have got all the reflows they could out of them and have moved on.


Ah, I though DV6 =DV6000 but guess not. While I mainly blame Nvidia for the fiasco, the fact that those DV6000s were so poorly designed didn't help. Guess HP took Nvidia's thermal spec and ran with it to the limit while more prudent designs (don't believe Nvidia when they say their 65nm parts are good to 90°C+) took longer to die.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet 2985 - Core i7 £247.50 @ SCC Trade (Grade B / Adapter not included)
Found 1st Mar 2014Found 1st Mar 2014
The ThinkPad X Series Tablet offers full X Series functionality plus a unique swivel hinge that lets the screen flip and rotate 180° to create a Tablet PC ideal for taking notes, f… Read more
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looks ancient


They look like interesting machines, but it is showing out of stock now.


It should have a COA sticker on it.


Just put Linux on. Will work a treat.


Great find.....shame no operating system......

HP EliteBook 2540p - Core i7 £199.00 @ SCC Trade (Use code Valentine1)
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
Intel Core i7-640LM 2.13GHz Dual-Core Processor (4MB Cache) 12.1-inch WXGA anti-glare (1280 x 800) Intel GMA HD integrated graphics 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (2GB x 2GB) 160GB 5400rpm… Read more
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Nah....power supply £ will be free thanks to the sticker that will be underneath the laptop, just obtain an iso, and activate by phone ;) Had 2 laptops from this place grade b...both good as new, obviously that's not a certainty though. Actually decided to not go through checkout with this now, so should be available. Reason being is although it's an i7 CPU, it's a very old one, so lacks any of the improved "Intel HD" graphichs, not even HD2000 and the CPU is roughly as fast as a moder i5 mobile variant so not worth the money.


No OS. No Power Adapter. Only 45 Day Warranty. 2nd user product. Product it will show signs of use, be that scuffs or scratches to the outer casing. Can't give it heat at that, it's going to cost extra for an OS and power adapter, by the time they arrive your warranty could be up.


Use code Valentine1 takes this down to £198... Or it did, I just bought it :p

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet 2985 i7 £275 @ SCC Trade
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
The ThinkPad X Series Tablet offers full X Series functionality plus a unique swivel hinge that lets the screen flip and rotate 180° to create a Tablet PC ideal for taking notes, f… Read more
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No OS. No Power Adapter. Only 45 Day Warranty. 2nd user product. Product it will show signs of use, be that scuffs or scratches to the outer casing. Can't give it heat at that, it's going to cost extra for an OS and power adapter, by the time they arrive your warranty could be up.


Wow that sold out quick - the power of hotukdeals !!:D


Currently out of stock


...and the fine print: Grade B unit: This is a 2nd user product, which has been fully tested with a limited internal and external clean. Due to the nature of the product it will show signs of use, be that scuffs or scratches to the outer casing. It will not be in its original packaging and will have no operating system installed. All Grade B products come with a 45 day warranty. Click here for our grade guide. Adapter Not Included Units come without an operating system installed, XP, Vista and Windows 7 will all work with our products (once correct drivers have been installed)