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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Origin CD Key Global £39.69
-58° Expired
Posted 8th Nov 2019Posted 8th Nov 2019
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Origin CD Key Global
Get deal*Get deal*

bought off these and just ripped me off with a used code, avoid.


£14.99 Origin Premiere for a month, think you'll finish it several times with that (y)


I wonder why stores doesn't sell Steam version yet.


CDKeys have it for £37.99 mate.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition Steam CD Key at SCDKey for 64p
315° Expired
Posted 18th Aug 2019Posted 18th Aug 2019
DiRT 3 Complete Edition Steam CD Key at SCDKey for 64p£0.64
Can't go wrong with this price. One of best racing games. (y) 86 on Metacritic In DiRT 3 Complete Edition, you’ll race iconic cars representing 50 years of off-road motorspo… Read more

The reason you cannot find it is because Codemaster took the listing down because of music licensing issues. They didn't want to change the music but thankfully, people who bought the game get to keep it


Don't forget the 0.02p discount using SKU3 Turns out you end up paying £0.71 as they charge a fee no matter how you pay


I can't find dirt3 in steam, I've never used cdkeys before. I assume you purchase a key that you enter in steam or am I wrong?


Online is still reasonably active, I've been playing a lot lately!


Great price for a game on steam that you can no longer buy through due to license problems >:(

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DELUXE EDITION (PC) £34.72 - Steam Activation CD Key
-78° Expired
Posted 19th May 2019Posted 19th May 2019
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DELUXE EDITION (PC) £34.72 - Steam Activation CD Key£34.72£69.9950%
I thought this was an okay deal for the Standard Edition, but was pleasantly surprised when I reread the title stating that this is the Deluxe Edition. SCDKEY Trust Pilot Score

Lol I won this game in the Intel sweepstakes couldn't even flog it for £20 ffs


Lol, they can't really expect people to do that.


Vr not included. 😡


Very kind of you sir :p


Don't worry about it, you're over reacting. Look if you're concerned about it just fire over your card details and I'll purchase it for you. Oh, don't forgot the little CVV code on the signature strip!

Xbox Live 12 Months Gold Membership Card Global £35.08 (poss £28.14 via TCB) at SCDKey
-224° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2019Posted 21st Apr 2019
Xbox Live 12 Months Gold Membership Card Global £35.08 (poss £28.14 via TCB) at SCDKey£35.08
No messing about with VPNs.. legal and valid in the UK, top cash back have Easter offer of £3 cash back, even without this it’s still only £31.15..

Right joke these guys. They charge an extra % to cover the cost of payment methods ranging from 2% to 9%. Waited for 6 hours after placing the order, no key! Chatted to support, they said the code will be issued after a further 12 hours as it is a HIGH VALUE order. Asked for a refund which they promptly processed.


I don’t get what people aren’t happy about! Hey Hum!!


Worked perfectly for me.. got my membership up on my account



This isn’t the same company as CD Keys

Dirt Rally 2.0 Steam Key - Pre-Order at scdkey for £27.75
263° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2019Posted 31st Jan 2019
Dirt Rally 2.0 Steam Key - Pre-Order at scdkey for £27.75£27.75£44.9938%
With discount code Allkeyshop3 you are saving £17.24 off the Steam price. Cart will show £26.77 but there is a fee for Paypal so price goes up to £27.75

another full priced game with only 6 of the 14 world rally locations. Not cool! They should at least allow owners of 1 to copy tracks over to 2.


Poor company, used them before and they failed to send code and then made me wait 2 weeks for a refund. Cannot recommend. Worth paying a couple of quid more to get from anywhere else


Fee for PayPal so no and no vr so no job done

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Steam Cloud Activation Key  £13.55 @ SCDKey
-260° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Steam Cloud Activation Key £13.55 @ SCDKey£13.55

Please don't do this


That site looks a bit questionable. The game also sucks.


Just download ring of elysium for free

Este super


Both are substantial grounds for your account to be suspended. As per Steam T&Cs. "Warning! If your region is not CHINA, you need use VPN to change your IP to CHINA first, then you can activate the code, and play the game free region; If you do not have VPN, offer us your steam account information, we can activate the code for you too."

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Crash bandicoot N sane trilogy pc key £15.30 @ scdkey
288° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Crash bandicoot N sane trilogy pc key £15.30 @ scdkey£15.30£15.773%
Crash bandicoot N Sane trilogy pc key £15.30 after code ‘CJ3’

Any decent PS4 prices for this? They all seem to of skyrocketed back up to £30+ after dropping to £20ish


Ah my bad,


Out of stock


£15 on cdkeys without code


Still coming up as £15.30 with the code for me. I’ve also just ordered it and it’s not showing out of stock.

Windows 10 professional OEM key £10.58 @ scdkey
-28° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Windows 10 professional OEM key £10.58 @ scdkey£10.58£11.7610%
WIndows 10 OEM key £10.58 after code ‘GM10%’ Office 2019 pro £34.71 after code Office 2016 pro £23.98 after code

spherical objects to the man who calls himself HankHandsome,


Aha, ok then. You made a spurious claim about something you know nothing about and you're trying to bluff it out. No worries.


Either Read previous answers or wait on. I gave your question the weight it deserved.


I'm still waiting to hear how an OEM key can compromise your data ...


Then disable it: Unless O&O are MS stooges ;)

Football Manager 2019 Steam Cloud Activation Key £18.67 @ scdkey (with code)
66° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2018Posted 2nd Nov 2018
Football Manager 2019 Steam Cloud Activation Key £18.67 @ scdkey (with code)£18.67
Football Manager 2019 Steam Cloud Activation Key Warning! If your region is not CHINA, you need use VPN to change your IP to CHINA first, then you can activate the code, and play … Read more

What? I log into AVForums using my steam account....


Bought the game and verified on Steam using Windscribe (take 5 mins to downloand and set up, choose VPN for Hong Kong). The game works fine.


I’ll send my bank details as well shall I?


worked for me downloading as we speak. for everyone moaning that you need to give out your steam details there talking rubbish you dont at all.. all you need is a trail vpn program such as nord or windscribe and it takes two seconds


Sorry but I don't agree with giving any site login details for Steam, this can risk your entire account and it may be banned. Not worth doing just to save a few extra quid. No legitimate site would do it this way. Steam takes a hard stance on this kind of thing and family sharing is another method that websites use too.

Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global £38.79 at  scdkey
102° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2018Posted 30th Oct 2018
Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global £38.79 at scdkey£38.79
Product Description The essentials to get it all done. Office Professional 2019 is for growing small businesses who want the classic Office apps plus Outlook, OneDrive, Publisher… Read more

Can anyone advise on the following?: I bought a licence key for Office 2019 Pro Plus on e-bay. I was under the impression from reading somewhere else that the actual download came via the Microsoft website and then had to be activated. However I have been sent a link to download it from elsewhere which I am a bit reluctant to do (for obvious reasons). Is this what normally happens with these e-bay deals)?


My Office 365 licence runs out on the 6th December. I am planning on buying Office 365 Home - for up to 5 PC's - from Amazon during the BF sale. Currently it is £73 but usually it drops down to below £50. Got it for £40 one year - but that was a Boxing Day sale. It is worth £50 to me but no more.


I didn't realise people paid for this! It's very good, been using it years : #smugface.png


Preferably pre 2010, easier to break into with the older ignition systems


Do you take orders for Make n model?

Scdkeys red dead redemption 2 offer £46. 60 with code @ scdkey
-183° Expired
Posted 24th Oct 2018Posted 24th Oct 2018
Scdkeys red dead redemption 2 offer £46. 60 with code @ scdkey£46.60
Offer on red dead redemption 2 pre order only £48.04

Hahahahaha Nothing like a paypal dispute to sort something out Got key now Lol


Support are completely unresponsive now. I’ve opened a dispute. Will never use these cowboys again...


I just got my code


Still no key :(


Asked to wait another 2 hours due to system problems. Asking for a refund / opening a dispute soon...

Xbox Game Pass 3 Months £15.77 @ SCDKey
318° Expired
Posted 19th Oct 2018Posted 19th Oct 2018
Xbox Game Pass 3 Months £15.77 @ SCDKey£15.77
Best I could find just now, I paid 15.77 using PayPal and the cj3 code

I just ordered it. They send me two 3 month codes. Redeemed the first they offered me a free month if I turned on auto renew - I clicked yes - then cancelled it. Same again - got the same offer - 8 months for under £16..... Tried to sign up to a free offer of game pass for 14 days - offered it to me for £3 bought it 4 times and with my current offer means I've got both for under £30.... I'll be finished with Forza way before that :o) (which I'm installing on my laptop now) Thanks op


On to support at the moment, will let you know how it pans out.


Worked first time for me, I'd be interested how you get on with scdkeys as I've never used them before this


yup only takes a minute to do


Anyone purchased one of these and had trouble redeeming it? Just getting 'Code not found. Try re-entering it. If that does not work, please contact the merchant.' *shrug*

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One, Digital) at scdkey for £44.94
340° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One, Digital) at scdkey for £44.94£44.94£49.9910%
Online Key only. Use voucher code IGN4! America, 1899. After a robbery goes wrong in the town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With fed… Read more

How do I get a refund from them if I’ve already paid? Never using them again


Same with me


Finally got the code..(Amy in the chat room)...they did it straight away....Looks like as i figured that the demand was too great, but they should have noted it before and on their site instead of yapping about in 2hrs etc. i might use them again but never again for a pre-order purchase.


looks like its a 12hr or more period where customers will get their code...obviously they haven't been able to cope with the demand...Still don't have my code yet..have raised a ticket with them and put in a refund request but will keep trying in the meantime. But either way after this definitely not using them again.


Finally got my code after getting in to a chat with lesile asked for a refund and then she got me s code wont be using them again

Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security 3 PC 1 YEAR EU £17.13 with code SKFG at scdkey
-150° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2018Posted 22nd May 2018
Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security 3 PC 1 YEAR EU £17.13 with code SKFG at scdkey£17.13
Also available: 1 year for £13.70 using the same code SKFG I haven't tried Kaspers… Read more

anyone have a spare code for this , would greatly appreciate it if you could PM, thanks


Whatever your point is im not care but price is good! (look at beginning of the subject).


An IT genius who is unable to spot a sarcastic construction bigger than the Empire State Building, academics eh hohum


Good luck to yours paranoic... I used to work as Cisco engineer and did helped to some companies on level 7 tech support and none of my colleagues or companies see anything suspicious from Kaspersky lab.


Yes of course Vlad; tks for your input.

Player unknown battlegrounds £14.12 @ SCDKeys
270° Expired
Posted 14th May 2018Posted 14th May 2018
Player unknown battlegrounds £14.12 @ SCDKeys£14.12£19.9929%
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not only a brand new battle royale multiplayer shooter,but also a type of Great Escape game that will have 100 players in each game, they will be p… Read more

hot for the price, but you need to activate with a chinese VPN


Great game though. Buy it and a headphone set if you don't have one. The tension near the end stages is amazing


Not in London it wouldn't


That £4.12 might pay for a weeks worth of lunch! It's not worth starving for.


For the sake of £4.12 is it worth it? The player base is huge right now and if you play enough you'll make that £4 back within a couple weeks from selling the skins and clothes.

The Orb Chambers II Steam Key Global - 87p @ scdkey
52° Expired
Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
The Orb Chambers II Steam Key Global - 87p @ scdkey£0.87
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice find @Elislimm - good first deal! And welcome to the community (y)

Xbox Gift Card 50 GBP £42.63 @ SCDKey
874° Expired
Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
Xbox Gift Card 50 GBP £42.63 @ SCDKey£42.63
Great price for a £50 digital wallet topup on Xbox. Perfect for those of you that prefer to buy digitally, and still want to save a little money in the process. Xbox usually have a… Read more

Bought one last week and delivered within an hour. Got another and received within 5mins. Both redeemed fine. You can get an extra 3% off taking it to £41.35 using promo code: SKXboxhotdeals Topcashback are offering 8.4% also, but use of the discount code may invalidate the cashback


SKXboxhotdeals 3% off


I tried leaving the item in my basket too, no emails with discount code though. I only left one £50 card in my basket, maybe that's why.


It looked like a generic code to me. But couldn't swear to it. It said it was exclusive but seemed generic to be honest.


Thanks for the tip, going to try this (y) . Really shouldn't buy an Xbox but I can't not if I get the 3% extra off! Is this a generic code or one time use code?

[Steam] DiRT 3 Complete Edition - 70p - SCDKey
812° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2018Posted 4th Feb 2018
[Steam] DiRT 3 Complete Edition - 70p - SCDKey£0.70
Due to the expiration of licensing, DiRT 3 is now unavailable on the Steam store, sadly :( 70p...bargain for the best in the series in my opinion. Global key for Steam … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Iv tried everything but can't get messages to work


Huh. Turns out I already have this.


I want this but dont want to have to log into the site, just wanted to quick buy using paypal :(


I try sending it to you but it says 'This user doesn't allow to receive messages'. :(


Think iv already got messages switched on

Xbox 14 Days Gold Membership £3.10 @ Scdkey
-365° Expired
Posted 20th Jan 2018Posted 20th Jan 2018
Xbox 14 Days Gold Membership £3.10 @ Scdkey£3.10
With Xbox Live Gold you can: Take gaming to the next level with online multiplayer Stream TV shows and HD movies on demand through your Xbox Enhance your gaming and entertainment e… Read more

You joined for that! 'Note: Trial keys may be used only on accounts on which the Xbox Live Gold subscription has not been activated before.' come on fess up is it your website (lol)


Brrrr! As cold as it gets


Um, no.


But this is £80 for the year (flirt)


£15 for 6 months at the mo. This would be £15 for 70 days... Just over 2!

Railway Empire PC Steam (pre-order) £23.96 @ SCDKey
-106° Expired
Posted 9th Jan 2018Posted 9th Jan 2018
Railway Empire PC Steam (pre-order) £23.96 @ SCDKey£23.96
Releases 26th Jan. If this one is on your radar for picking up, this seems to be the cheapest price going around at the moment. United States, 1830: ‘The New World’ is in its … Read more

Is £22.79 from (possibly £21.65 with the 5% off FB code)