Scene it - Lights Camera Action + 4 Buzzers Xbox 360 @ Gamestation instore

Scene it - Lights Camera Action + 4 Buzzers Xbox 360 @ Gamestation instore

Found 25th Apr 2010Made hot 25th Apr 2010
Great price, pre owned in store. Probably quite scarce but picked up one in Birmingham One Stop for £2.98 in good condition.

From amazon -

It seems impossible to imagine that theres anyone in the world (who isnt employed by Microsoft) that could possibility try and talk about this game without instantly referring to the PlayStation 2s Buzz! series. In fact if the Scene It? name hadnt been licensed from the popular range of board games Microsoft probably wouldve been on the receiving end of a few stern letters from Sonys lawyers. As it is the games main gimmick, that it comes with four special game show buzzer controllers, is identical to Buzz! They even look exactly the same, although Microsoft has got the extremely shaky defence that the Buzz! games have never been released in America.

If youve not played the original board and DVD game version of the concept the basic idea is that you are presented with a series of themed and general knowledge movie trivia questions, many linked to a series of clips from the respective movies. The game comes with over 1,800 questions and more than 20 styles of puzzle. These include trying to complete a famous movie quote, guessing a movie title from a partial list of credits and working out a movies name based on a childs drawing.

Using the buzzers insure that no one can get intimidated by the regular Xbox 360 joypad, with the giant buzzer at the top used to cut in when you think youve got the answer and the four smaller buttons used for answering multiple choice questions. Its not a new idea then, but still a very entertaining one.


Only downside is this one doesnt have online play.... but a steal at 2.98!

Superb price - highly recommend this for anyone looking for something a bit different on the 360. Great fun!

IMHO you have to be either a film buff (and I mean BUFF) or in your 70's as most of the films are old crap. HOWEVER, for this price its a bargain...

Online preowned £3.98 inc delivery, but none in stock at the mo.

out of stock online so instore only deal!

great price if you can find one

As above.. I checked 5 different stores when it went down to £4.99 and not a sniff! Doubt I'll see one this time either..

I got this for £7.98 and it was a bargain at that price - even include 8 Energiser batteries that would probably cost most of that price. Me and girly had epic fun with this and then got the follow on game with the online which is also great.
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