Scene it? Lights , Camera, Action for the X-Box 360 Pre Order £29.00

Scene it? Lights , Camera, Action for the X-Box 360 Pre Order £29.00

Found 17th Oct 2007
Found this if anyone is thinking of pre ordering it.

Available on 2nd Nov 2007.


Thanks for that, looks good. Might have to go for it. Will be good to play around Christmas with the family, especially as it comes with everything you need in the box!

Heat and Rep added!



Thanks deiter I've added an image to your post, for some tips on how to do this check out the link inmy signature

That's a really good price as it includes the wireless buzzers! Unless it doesn't

Although it does say on it's picture, includeas 4 wireless buzzers lol. I bet this will be nearer £50 when it comes out. Good find.

It's only $59.99 in the states including buzzers so sounds about right.

Cheers, I have informed the other half. The next cheapest price I've seen on this is £35. Ideal christmas fun

£34.95 from Tesco Direct

Not as cheap, but another buying option.

does anyone know if this is going to be part of a series of games? Like the buzz games for the PS2, ie will I be able to use the buzzers again with other games.

EDIT: Do these use the same signal that the controllers use, so will they be compatible with the crossfire for the PC? If they do this could be a rather good buy.

This is only £26.10 when you apply the 10% off voucher from this site. Great find

10% off voucher???

Where from??


10% off voucher??? Where from??

Dont you just love the search feature? :roll:

I thought the voucher only works with Virgin credit cards, if not I'll have to reorder mine.

There's a bit of info about the game ]here.

Just another note. Be careful when ordering from Virgin Megastores cos ive yet to recieve my copy of pgr4 (but blame the strikes for that) and theyve already taken the money for mass effect and call of duty 4 even tho they dont come out till next month. I was gonna cancle cod4 aswell cos im getting the special edition. Does anyone know if i can take it back to a street store and get it refunded there. (if it does come that is)

If only i had some friends

Original Poster

thanks for the tips millarcat


If only i had some friends

I'll be your fwend

Thanks, nice deal.

Top find :thumbsup:

Ordered for my movie mad mate's Xmas pressie.

Heat, rep, action ;-)


I'll be your fwend

lol fwend -- might buy this but havent been paid

and my list goes the following

1. futurama 1-4 on amazon for £46
2.Seinfeld season 8
3. Guitar hero 3
6. scene it

Demo of this is up on the Marketplace now. Played it and its good fun, will be great when the friends are round.

Pre-ordered :thumbsup:
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